10 Fashion Photographers To Follow On Instagram In 2020


Fashion photography is certainly one of the most competitive fields nowadays. Working in the fashion industry allows portrait photographers to shoot very elaborate and creative portraits, which can be very challenging yet fulfilling. If you’re just starting out as a fashion photographer, it might be hard to get your photos noticed.

The following 10 fashion photographers are all great examples of successful artists who have reached a wide audience on social media. Check out their well-crafted portfolios on Instagram if you want to find inspiration for your own fashion shoots!

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Here Are 10 Of The Best Fashion Photographers To Follow On Instagram:

1.Matthew Brookes – @matthewbrookesphoto

Matthew Brookes is a British photographer raised in South Africa. He lives between Paris and New York City nowadays and aside from working with celebrities and models, Brookes enjoys photographing sports men and women and dancers.

His portraits could be found in a wide range of publications, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue, The New York Times’ T Magazine and many more.

2.Glen Luchford – @_glen_luchford

Glen Luchford is a British fashion photographer and film director who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 

His photographic style is heavily influenced by his love of cinema. Luchford likes to photograph his models in the studio and he often uses elaborate lighting to create memorable cinematic photographs.

3.Emma Tempest – @emstempest

Emma Tempest is a British photographer based between London and New York. Her images are typically soft, dreamy and full of pastel colors, which evokes a sense of serenity and balance.

She collaborates with important clients such as Shiseido, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Trussardi and so on. 

4.Sebastian Kim – @sebkimstudio

Sebastian Kim is a Vietnam-born photographer who was raised between Iran and France. His portfolio features seductive yet stylish images which are very sophisticated when it comes to lighting and composition. 

He collaborates with prestigious fashion magazines such as American Vogue, German Vogue, Russian Vogue, Numéro Tokyo, Muse, and others.

5.Alessio Bolzoni – @alessiobolzoni

Alessio Bolzoni is an Italian avant-garde photographer famous for his unusual and daring photographs which are redefining the concept of beauty in the fashion industry. His work is inspired by cinematography, theater, street life and street photography.

Alessio's photography has been widely featured in top publications like Marie Claire, Elle US, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Numero, Glamour and many more.

6.Julia Johnson & Cody Cloud – @jucophoto

JUCO photo represents the collaborative work of Julia Johnson and Cody Cloud, two artists who met in 2002 at The San Francisco Art Institute. Their work is best known for bold and playful use of colors and shapes.

Julia and Cody are based in Los Angeles and their clients include major names such as Vogue Taiwan, Paper Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and others.

7.Dario Castellani – @dariocastellani

Dario Castellani is an Italian photographer best know for his conceptual editorial work and interesting blend of street and fashion photography.

He has shot editorials for important magazines such as Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Dazed and many more.

8.Patrick Demarchelier – @patrickdemarchelier

Patrick Demarchelier is a French photographer who discovered fashion photography by working as a freelancer and learning from legendary photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson.  

Since the late 1970s Demarchelier has shot the covers for almost every major fashion magazine such as American, British and Paris Vogue. His Instagram account has nearly a million followers.

9.Tony Kelly – @tonykellyworld

Tony Kelly is an Irish fashion and fine art photographer who is currently based between Los Angeles and Europe. His approach to fashion photography is rather bold and provocative and his images look very lively thanks to vibrant colors.

His work has been published in Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair Italia, Vogue Paris, Vogue Greece, GQ and other prestigious fashion magazines.

10.Amanda Charcian – @amanda_charchian

Amanda Charchian is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. Her photography explores sensuality in a rather surreal way and her images are very subtle, feminine and dreamy. She captures the intimacy and the connection between herself and the models she photographs.

Her commercial clients include Gucci, Bulgari, Chloe, Cartier, Nordstrom, Glossier, MCM and others.

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