7 iPhone Camera Tricks You Should Add To Your Skills


In an age where smartphones are our primary cameras, mastering the art of iPhone photography can greatly enhance your photography skills. The iPhone's camera capabilities have advanced significantly over the years, offering many features and settings that can turn anyone into a skilled photographer.

In this article, we'll explore seven iPhone camera tricks to help you take your photography to the next level. From basic techniques to creative tips, these tricks will empower you to capture stunning photos with your iPhone.

iphone photography tricks
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Mastering Focus And Exposure

One of the fundamental aspects of photography is getting the right focus and exposure. Your iPhone's camera has an excellent auto-focus feature, but sometimes you need more control. To master this, tap on the screen where you want to set the focus and exposure. A yellow square will appear, and you can manually adjust the exposure by sliding your finger up or down on the screen. This allows you to balance the lighting in your shot for optimal results, particularly in tricky lighting conditions.

exposure iphone photography
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Utilizing Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode is a game-changer for iPhone photography, miming the depth-of-field effect of professional cameras. It isolates the subject by blurring the background, creating a stunning bokeh effect. Ensure you have good lighting and sufficient distance between the subject and background for the best results. Experiment with different Portrait Lighting options, such as Natural Light and Studio Light, to achieve various portrait styles.

portrait mode iphone photography
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Explore Time-Lapse Photography

Capture the passage of time and create mesmerizing videos with the Time-Lapse feature on your iPhone. This mode condenses long periods into short clips, perfect for capturing sunsets, traffic, or flower blooming. To use this feature effectively, stabilize your iPhone on a tripod or a stable surface to avoid shaky footage. Adjust the time-lapse duration according to your subject for the best outcome.

time lapse photography iphone
Photo by Kevin Lien

Pro Tip: Turn on the gridlines in your camera settings. The grid helps you compose your shots using the rule of thirds, which often results in more visually appealing photos.

Shooting In RAW

For ultimate control over your iPhone photos, consider shooting in RAW format. Unlike JPEGs, RAW files store all the data captured by the camera's sensor, allowing you to fine-tune exposure, color, and other settings in post-processing. To enable RAW capture, go to your iPhone's Camera settings, select Formats, and choose “Apple ProRAW” or “Apple ProRes.” Keep in mind that RAW files take up more storage space, but their editing flexibility is worth it.

apple pro raw iphone photography tricks
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Night Mode Photography

Don't let low-light conditions deter you from capturing stunning photos. Night Mode on the iPhone dramatically improves low-light photography by combining multiple exposures into one well-lit image. To use Night Mode effectively, keep your iPhone steady by using a tripod or bracing it against a stable surface. Experiment with different exposure times and adjust the intensity of the effect to suit your preferences.

night mode iphone photography
Photo by John Mark Arnold

Panorama For Wide Vistas

Capture breathtaking landscapes and wide vistas using the Panorama mode. Simply open your iPhone's camera, swipe to Panorama, and follow the on-screen arrow as you steadily move your phone from left to right. Ensure a smooth, consistent motion to avoid distortion. Panorama mode automatically stitches multiple photos together to create a seamless panoramic image.

wide vista iphone photography tricks
Photo by Steven Elk

Pro Tip: Experiment with third-party apps! While the iPhone's native camera app is excellent, third-party camera apps like ProCamera, Halide, or Moment offer more manual control and advanced features.

Long Exposure Photography

Unleash your creativity with long-exposure photography using your iPhone. This technique allows you to capture motion uniquely and artistically. To achieve this effect, you'll need a tripod or stable surface to keep your iPhone steady. Next, go to the Live Photo option in your camera settings and choose “Long Exposure.” Experiment with moving subjects like flowing water or city traffic to create captivating images.

long exposure iphone photography tricks
Photo by Sean Lee


Mastering these iPhone camera tricks will elevate your photography skills and enable you to capture remarkable moments easily. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to experiment with these tricks and discover your unique style in iPhone photography. With dedication and a keen eye, your iPhone can become a powerful tool for creating stunning images that unforgettably tell your story.

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