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Haven’t had time to keep up with Light Stalking this week? No worries! We will catch you up here.

Photo of the Week by member, @ftafoya. Read a critique here.

Photography Tips and Tutorials

 What is the 500 Rule in Photography? If you’re into night sky photography in any way then it’s only a matter of time before you run across somebody talking about the “500 Rule”

5 Secrets of Tasteful Boudoir Photography – Boudoir photography has become extremely popular in the last ten years, along with maternity photo sessions.

Enhance Your Images By Composing With Color – Composing with color is something that many photographers have been abandoning, and is one of the most interesting ways to create a compelling photograph.

Why You Should Use Photoshop’s HDR Merge Pro Rather Than Lightroom Photo Merge – The end result is much sharper as Scott Kelby had suggested but also I found that the removing ghosts also seems much more efficient and accurate.

The Most Popular News in Photography

These Photography Links Will Make You Smile 🙂 – Pull up a seat and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee and get ready to spend some time checking these links out.

This Street Photographer Was Beaten by Fellow Photographers After His Photo of Couple Kissing Went Viral – Part of the magic of street photography is in capturing those small moments in life that perfectly distill some aspect of the human experience. It is the spontaneity and raw nature of street photographs that make them among the most popular in the world but that doesn’t mean that street photography itself is not without danger.

Popular Online Photography Challenges

Theme: Sun vs Rain (Weekly Challenge) – Our weekly challenge has very few rules. Post an oldie or go shoot a new one

Mobile Monday Challenge – The only rule for this one is that you have to use a mobile phone camera to shoot and edit the image. Tough, but it gives your composition skills a workout.

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