21 Amazing Long Exposure Photographs Of Clouds


I'm sure you have already noticed those images of beautiful streaky skies somewhere on the Internet. If you wonder how they’ve been taken – look no further! This article will show you the finest examples of long-exposure photographs of clouds.

To capture stunning long-exposure photographs of clouds, you need to use your technical and creative skills, and you need to have a good understanding of how different clouds translate into those dreamy images with streaky skies. But first of all, let's look at some breathtaking examples of such photographs!

We recommend you check out Understanding Light by Photzy, which has 155 pages of illustrations, case studies, and assignments to verify your knowledge.

streaky blue sky
Photo by Jacob Granneman
long exposure dark skies
Photo by Steve Halama
long exposure night sky
Photo by Thomas Bennie
long exposure pink calm sky
Photo by Dave Hoefler
long exposure daytime
Photo by Nathan Anderson
dramatic dark skies
Photo by Oliver Hihn
calm blue skies
Photo by Daniel Morris
night sky with car trails
Photo by Van Mendoza
minimal long exposure photography
Photo by Asoggetti
dramatic gray purple skies
Photo by Patrick Hendry
soft pastel long exposure sky
Photo by Johny Goerend
sunset long exposure
Photo by Levi XU
dark yellow skies
Photo by Francisco Gonzalez
Photo by Igor Kasalovic

Long-exposure photography of clouds is easier than it looks! We recommend you check out this eBook Understanding Light by Photzy, which has 155 pages of fast, easy learning, packed with illustrations, case studies, and assignments to verify your knowledge.

night sky with lights
Photo by Ebin Thonakara Saji
foggy moody skies
Photo by Andrew Furlan
calm lake long exposure
Photo by Patrick Baum
long exposure minimalism
Photo by Marien Raat
city at night long exposure
Photo by K B

These soft and silky images of clouds maybe look heavily manipulated, but they can be achieved easily with a long shutter speed! Check out Understanding Light by Photzy, which has 155 pages packed with illustrations, case studies, and practical assignments.

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