21 Creative Multiple Exposure Photographs


Photographers are constantly on the lookout for camera techniques and other creative ideas to capture or create photographs that stand out from the rest. One creative technique that everyone can try is double or even multiple exposure photography where the photographer layers two or more exposures onto a single image. This can be done in cameras that have this feature or when post-processing.

Double exposure photos if done well can create a surreal mood in your photographs and it should be done in a way that the resulting image symbolizes something interesting or meaningful. Here are 21 creative multiple exposure photographs that you can go through for some inspiration and ideas when you have a creative block.

If you've had a creative block at some point that you wished you could capture photographs, but were running out of ideas or creativity, you need to know that there are endless possibilities for creating interesting photographs. We recommend that you check out Photzy's “The Creativity Catalog.”

Photo by Motoki Tonn 
Photo by Markus Spiske
Photo by Maria Varshavskaya
Photo by Алекке Блажин
Photo by Omid Armin

Have you had days or periods of time when you did not feel excited about photography that you rarely got your camera out? It is not always possible to travel to new locations for photography but you can always create something new from where you are. Check out “The Creativity Catalog” by Photzy for some hints and fun projects.

Photo by Lisa
Photo by Tiffany Combs
Photo by Evie S.
Photo by Raphael Brasileiro
Photo by Agnes Elena Crăciun

If you are feeling uninspired and are looking for ways or ideas for creative photography, check out “The Creative Catalog” by Photzy. This 207 page guide covering 20 chapters of assignments and ideas can spark your creativity and beat photographers' block.

Photo by Maria Ovchinnikova
Photo by Nathan Dumlao
Photo by Maria Varshavskaya
Photo by Motoki Tonn 
Photo by Annie Spratt

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