21 Photographs Of The Spring Season To Bring Some Cheer And Inspiration


Spring is around the corner and it is a time of the year when everything wakes up from dormancy, including plants, trees, bugs, even some birds and animals. You can feel the warmth, see new growth and it is a season that portrays new life and colours. Some photographers also stay indoors and shoot less during the winter season and so spring can be a time to dust off the camera, to get out and shoot.

Photo by Jason Leung 

There are a lot of opportunities for photography during this time of the year, including the most favourite for many, the flowers, then wildlife, dew drops, foggy scenes and landscapes, bugs and so on. Here are 21 photographs of the spring season, to bring some cheer and inspiration to your photography.

Spring is a time when everything is basking in the warmth of the sun and the light is quite soft especially early in the morning and late in the afternoon. You need to understand light and learn how to use it effectively in order to capture brilliant spring photographs. Understanding Light is a guide by Photzy that gives you a chance to master light and produce inspiring images of your own. You will discover the secrets to controlling, manipulating and reading light for stunning results.

Photo by Annie Spratt
Photo by Katie Rodriguez
Photo by Nadine Rupprecht
Photo by Elena Ferrer 
Photo by Brooke Lark
Photo by Karl Fredrickson 

During certain times of the day, depending on the results you are looking to achieve, you will need to learn to recognise the available light and how to use it to get the best results. Side lighting and back lighting can be great, but you need to have the skills to manipulate the available light to your desire. We recommend you to check out this eBook Understanding Light by Photzy, that has 155 pages of fast, easy learning, packed with illustrations, case-studies and assignments to verify your knowledge.

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Photo by Daniela Izotenko 
Photo by Jacqueline Vieira
Photo by Mohd Zuber saifi
Photo by Vincent Tint
Photo by Moritz Lüdtke

In photography, there is no bad light. Most photographers either do not shoot when they think the light is bad, or they waste a photo session because they did not know how to shoot under certain light conditions. Understanding Light by Photzy will provide you with precise knowledge on how to get the shot in every light situation, so you do not have to worry about wasting a photo shoot due to bad light.

Photo by Toa Heftiba
Photo by Mak
Photo by Tschernjawski Sergej 
Photo by Anthony Ievlev 
Photo by Ken Goulding 
Photo by Jasper Garratt
Photo by Mark Tegethoff

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