27 Tack Sharp Images That Demonstrate Camera Mastery


When they have captured an image, most photographers zoom into it at 100% to analyze it for sharpness. Sharpness is important in photography; many photographers discard images even if they are slightly blurry. Besides, the sharpness of the scene or subject depends on the genre – for example, for portraits, wildlife, etc., the eyes need to be in perfect focus and tack sharp, whereas, for landscape and architecture, the entire scene or frame needs to be perfectly sharp.

To get sharp images, one needs to understand the camera and lens and master it to capture sharp photographs. If you are worried about focus and sharpness issues in your photos, we recommend you to check out “The Photography Tutorial eBook” by Picturecorrect. It has over 250 pages of tips and techniques to take better photos in any light conditions.

Here are 27 tack-sharp images from various genres, that demonstrate camera mastery:

hazy mountain
Photo by arnie chou
Photo by Simon Hurry 
strawberry cake
Photo by Anna Tukhfatullina
Photo by Takahiro Sakamoto
elegant portrait
Photo by Aiony Haust
pink bud flower
Photo by Patrick Connor Klopf 
spider shallow depth of field
Photo by novi raj 
white and blue pool
Photo by Adrian Trinkaus 
butterfly on a dandelion
Photo by James Wainscoat

If you need to get sharp shots every time you press the shutter button, then you need to take care of the camera settings according to the light situations and the results you are looking to achieve. “The Photography Tutorial eBook” by Picturecorrect will help you to master challenging lighting conditions no matter your experience level.

church cloudy sky
Photo by Luke Stackpoole
Photo by Majid Shirvani
spider black background
Photo by James Wainscoat 
outdoor portrait
Photo by  Irina Iriser
landscape lake
Photo by Neven Krcmarek
architecture muslim
Photo by mostafa meraji 
cat tack sharp shot
Photo by Zane Lee 
bee on a red flower
Photo by oktavianus mulyadi
machine closeup
Photo by Elimende Inagella

If you want to improve your photography skills, we recommend you check out “The Photography Tutorial eBook” by Picturecorrect. This book will teach you to capture sharp, well-composed photos and any tricky lights in the scene using the right camera settings, and required filters, if any, and using the right number of exposures when the dynamic range in the scene is too high.

bird wildlife photography
Photo by Robert Thiemann 
plums dew
Photo by Alexandra Kikot
achitecture and portrait
Photo by Mauro Lima
tea autumn scene
Photo by Svitlana
leaf symmetry
Photo by Omid Armin
insect closeup
Photo by Ajithkumar M
minimal still life
Photo by  Mary Skrynnikova
wildlife portrait
Photo by Magdalena Kula Manchee
architecture low light
Photo by mostafa meraji

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