The Return of the Chronological Feed on Instagram


Instagram is big on change. Heck, we’ve covered more than a few of them right here on this blog.

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And it’s no wonder, either, as the company is in a pretty intensely competitive space. What does make it different, however, is that often when you change things with an app, you can rock the boat a little too much for veteran users.

When Instagram moved away from a purely chronological feed – or, one in which posts were displayed in the order that they were uploaded to the service – to an algorithm-driven experience, many people weren’t happy. After all, a curated experience is much different from the organic experience on offer before. Now, the service is bringing back the old-school style with a few modifications in a bid to give end-users as many options for discovering content on the platform as possible.

Specifically, the feed is split into two parts: Favorites and Following. For the first section, you’ll be served up content based upon stuff you like and interact with on Instagram; for the second, you’ll get to see content from the accounts you specifically follow presented in chronological order. Although both serve up content in chronological fashion, it is the Following segmentation that is most akin to the old Instagram from back in the day while Favorites is more like the experience we’ve grown accustomed to here lately.

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Do you prefer an algorithm-based feed or something based on chronology? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s allowance for a chronological feed in the comments below.

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