Indonesian Photographer Portrays his Love for Nature and the World of Macro


Beautiful & Colorful Macro Shots Taken in the Heart of Indonesia

Tri Setyo Widodo is a nature and macro photographer from Indonesia who says that he's learned to see invisible things, enjoy the millions of small details and practice the art of patience, through photography.

Here is what Tri has to say about his photographic journey:

“Photography for me is the best way to practice patience. I’ve learned to see invisible things, to enjoy millions of small details, which I had not paid attention to before.

I do not know who or why or what strength created the world that surrounds us, but I know that it is unusual and fascinating in every smallest detail.

Before I began my photographic journey I just loved to observe how ants lived and how insects looked for a meal. But now, I want to show the world of bugs and insects in such a way that it would impress an average person who has paid no attention to the world under his feet or even hated those nasty bugs.”


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo

When Tri talks about how much time he spends taking photos and how it all started, he says,

“Usually when I shoot macro subjects, it depends mostly on the subject and sometimes I spend 1- 4 hours at a time in the garden. I start photographing around 6 am and continue up till around 9 am.

You might think, why always in the morning? Yes, because the light of the sun is still soft and it gives natural lighting on the macro subject, or if in the evening I always shoot from 3 pm until 5 pm.”

Tri then adds,

“What I look for in photography is that I don't want to miss a thing or a moment in this world especially when the small world (Macro world) acts very funny. It could be an ant bringing a leaf for its nest or a frog sitting on a crocodile, and so on. I just want to show the world through my photography that the macro world is wonderful and sometimes people around always ignore these little things.”


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo

When Tri refers to what or how he feels while taking these photos, he says,

“So far in macro photography, I have trained myself to be patient. If you think how in macro photography, you have to wait until your subject displays a great moment and it is so difficult to catch that moment because I am constantly down on the ground when the subjects are lower from me.

When Tri talks about his project, he says, 

“I never give up and I am satisfied with all my photos of the Macro world because they are some of the many moments of the Macro world that I hadn't known yet. I also want to share my macro photos with the world, and show how beautiful the macro world is.

People who are not aware of these need to know how to treat and give these living things some love because, most people ignore insects like snails, spiders and animals like frogs, etc.”


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo


Image by Tri Setyo Widodo

To get these beautiful photos of the macro world, Tri uses his Canon EOS 60D with an EF 100mm f/2.8 IS USM lens.

When asked if Tri has any specific locations for shooting this micro world, he says,

“I capture all my photographs in Indonesia, to be precise, in Jombang, Jakarta, Bandung, and Malang.

And of course in the gardens or parks because many insects and other animals are always around there. I shoot all the moments naturally without killing them or the ecology that helps them sustain.”

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