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Urban photography captures frames in urban spaces, and there are many genres that a photographer can focus on in order to capture striking photographs in an urban environment. With urbanization and development, urban photography is becoming more and more popular each day as all photographers want to be involved in their photographic journey wherever they are, without having to visit exotic or rural locations. Besides, one can also follow these tips when visiting other urban areas during their travel, as urban locations are great places for many interesting types of photography.

yellow cab
Photo by Kevin Lee

Besides, urban spaces also provide great opportunities for photographers to capture very interesting frames, and one always has something to photograph differently as the city scenes are constantly changing throughout the day and seasons. Here are 7 tutorials on urban photography that will help you to capture striking urban photographs.

1. What Is Urban Photography? The Essential Guide

Urban photography is capturing scenes in an urban environment, and it is usually a city, town, or similar location. Urban photography is a varied genre and doesn't involve just one type of photography. This tutorial from Photo Workout talks about urban photography, its different styles, along with various tips for stunning urban shots.

highway birds perspective
Photo by Jared Murray

2. A Detailed Introduction to City and Urban Photography – Tips and Examples

Urban photography includes people, architecture, abstract, wildlife, streets, and many other things and moments that you normally would come across in an urban environment. Shooting urban photographs requires some skills, and would benefit from being ready to handle the moment with the right settings in camera. This tutorial from James Maher Photography gives an introduction to urban photography followed by technical tips and a lot of scenarios and ideas for urban photography.

busy asian street
Photo by Ryoji Iwata

3. Urban Architecture Photography

Architectural photography may seem boring for some photographers, but if seen and done well, one can capture compelling architectural photographs that either are abstract or tell a story. Besides, it is also important to capture architectural photographs differently compared to how everyone is capturing them but also make sure that it shows the city's character. This tutorial from Learn Zoner discusses several ways to embrace and enhance your knowledge of architectural photography.

new york urban scene
Photo by Denys Nevozhai 

4. How to Take Urban Portraits (City Photoshoot Tips)

Urban portraits include both using models to photograph portraits in an urban location and also capturing strangers in urban locations. Both of these require different approaches and skills to get the desired results. The architectural structures, light, and other settings in an urban environment help to compose portraits very effectively and capture more dynamic shots. This tutorial from Portraits Refined gives you a complete guide to capturing the best urban portraits.

street art portrait
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

5. Urban Wildlife: How to Photograph Wildlife in the City

Urban spaces are also great places to photograph wildlife and are a great one to start with if you are not in easy access to wildlife parks, sanctuaries, etc. There are a lot of animals that visit urban areas and local parks, but this can also pose some challenges as the animals are elusive and quite fast. Besides, you also have to look out for the best compositions and backgrounds to get a decent storytelling shot. This tutorial from NatureTTL discusses how to photograph urban wildlife in a concrete jungle.

rabbit green field
Photo by Paul Moody 

6. 10 Urban Street Photography Ideas

Street photography in urban spaces can be done both during the day and at night. There are a lot of opportunities in an urban environment, but with a busy space, the photographer needs to have the skills and creative eye to observe, focus on particular subjects and capture them creatively. This tutorial from Joe Redski gives some ideas that you can use to capture street photographs in an urban environment.

new york rainy street
Photo by Luke Stackpoole

7. Master Urban Abstract Photography With These 8 Tips

When you are in a grand urban scape, you can easily get confused with everything that is going on around you and find it quite difficult to capture something unique and interesting. It is important to focus on one area at a time, observe things and look for interesting frames. These can be patterns, colors, textures, contrast, etc., and can help with capturing abstract photographs. This tutorial from ePhotozine gives 8 tips to capture abstract photographs in urban areas.

black and white architecture abstract
Photo by Margarida CSilva 

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