Why You Should Start Taking Street Photography In Color


Street photography has been highly popular in black and white format. There is a reason for that, shooting on the streets is hard due to its lack of control, therefore composition can be extremely difficult – there are just some colors that simply don't get along nicely with others.

But that doesn't mean that it is impossible to get some really great color photographs on the streets, it just means that it is harder.

Today we want to share with you some really interesting links that will help you see the streets with different and more colorful eyes.

Also, we'll share 3 of the most stunning color street photographers alive today.

Photo by Federico Alegría

My Favorite Color Street Photographers Are…

As a historic resource, you can read this article in which I shared my favorite color street photographers of all time. It is amazing how these photographers achieved the most beautiful color images I've seen in my life – in total mayhem on the streets.

Enhance Your Images By Composing With Color

And speaking of color, it is important to understand what it really means to compose your images with a color mindset. Read this brief article in order to understand a little bit about how you can enhance your images' soul by composing them with colors that complement and support each other.

How To Create Amazing Compositions Simply By Using Color

Read this short article if you want to get some helpful insights about how to create beautiful and amazing compositions with color in your photography.

Photo by Federico Alegría

And Here Are Some Really Talented Color Street Photographers of Today – For Your Inspiration

Marius Vieth (AKA Vijce)

Vijce is an extremely talented street photographer, with a clear vision on crafting fine art imagery on the streets. His photographs often feature an amazing burst of colors. I really don't know if he is still producing photographs… and I got a pretty sad email from him several months ago, and I hope he is Ok…

Craig Whitehead (AKA SixStreetUnder)

With a clear influence from Saul Leiter, this photographer is one of the best out there in my personal opinion. I love getting lost in his images, and you definitely need to check him out if you are into color street images.

Martin Roemers

I don't know why his name always slips my mind. But his work is so wonderful, that I just need to type in “long exposure street photography” in Google and scroll down a little and boom, there I find him. He has such a unique style, that I find him every time. He captures the combustion of the cities in extremely well though long exposure images.

Street color photography should not be conceived as a genre, it is just a more challenging way of doing street photography. After changing from Canon to Fujifilm, I started to fall in love with color, but it is still pretty hard for me to achieve in a way I feel comfortable with it.

Practice is the ultimate tool in photography, so go out to the streets and start shooting some frames. Please feel free to share your images with us at any of our forums, and if you are feeling a little bit adventurous, you can always post some of them at the Shark Tank!

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