21 Portraits Of Wildlife That Capture Their Personality


Interested in capturing some great wildlife portrait photos?

Portrait photography is a genre that captures the personality of a person or a group of people where the main focus is the face and its expressions. Like humans, animals also have their own personalities and unique expressions. As a result, a lot of photographers try to capture wildlife images up close to portray the animals' characteristics. Here are 21 portraits of wildlife that captures their personality.

When capturing portraits, lighting is a very important factor and the way light is used can make or break a portrait. When capturing photographs of animals and birds in the wild, you will need to understand the characteristics of light and use it to make the resulting photo compelling. This fantastic guide “Understanding Light” by Photzy will help you to truly master light and produce amazing and inspiring images of your own.

lion portrait
Photo by Rob Potter 
wildlife portrait photography
Photo by Meg Jerrard
rhino environmental portrait
Photo by Hans Veth 
flamingo wildlife portrait
Photo by Gwen Weustink
gorilla wildlife portrait
Photo by Andrew Pons

Great photography depends on the light available to capture the photo and good photographers master the skill of recognizing light and then using it according to their visual perception of the scene in front of them. Without a good understanding of light, a photographer cannot capture good and compelling images, especially on days when the light can be a bit drab. If you wish to recognize, control and manipulate light, then we recommend you to check out this guide “Understanding Light” by Photzy, which is packed with illustrations, case studies, and assignments to verify your knowledge.

bird wildlife portrait
Photo by Birger Strahl
giraffe wildlife portrait
Photo by Brianna R.
black bird wildlife portrait
Photo by Rob Potter
bird portrait
Photo by Birger Strahl 

When capturing photos of wildlife, photographers need to be outdoors photographing under the light that is naturally available around them. Depending on the location outdoors and weather conditions, light may vary and some photographers may not even photograph in bad light situations.

If you learn the secrets behind controlling the existing light, you won't miss another shot and will leave others wondering how you're doing it. Check out this ebook “Understanding Light” by Photzy and discover how light defines shape, texture, colour and composition, so that your images literally grab the viewer's attention.

eagle wildlife portrait photos
Photo by Jeremy Hynes
leopard wildlife portrait photos
Photo by Daniel Dvorský 
parrot wildlife portrait photos
Photo by Abhishek rana
zebra portrait
Photo by Jeff Griffith
koala portrait
Photo by David Clode

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