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One of the most complex and challenging genres in photography is, without a doubt, abstract photography. And the main reason behind such complexity is because most people try to approach it without understanding exactly what is abstract and what is not.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

As a solid starting point, we can say that abstractionism is not minimalism. Abstract photography has more to do with resembling the essence of something without revealing it, and minimalism is about reducing the elements until achieving that sweet spot in which the photograph is still meaningful and aesthetic.

Today we want to share with you some links that will help you out with understanding abstract photography a little bit better, so you can use it as a creative way of expressing your ideas through photography.

The Curious Case Of Abstract Photography – An Overview To Get You Inspired

You will find this article to be extremely useful for understanding abstract photography, as well as a list of photographers for some further inspiration.

Fine Art Abstract Aerial Photographs: An Amazing Bird’s Eye View Of South Africa By Zack Seckler

Recently, Dahlia Ambrose shared with us some pretty interesting photographs by Zack Seckler. These images are aerial, and thanks to such a generous point of view, all his images have an extremely rich level of abstractionism.

Photo by Alex Rodríguez Santibáñez on Unsplash

Pushing Photographic Boundaries – Insane Abstract and HDR Street Photography

Abstract photography doesn't have to always be extremely clean, it can be chaotic and beautiful at the same time. In this post, Dahlia shares with us some mind-blowing examples of abstract photography in the streets by the extremely talented photographer Michael Lee. In these images, you'll be able to feel the hectic nature of the streets in a single look at each and every one of them.

Have Nothing To Photograph? Abstract Photography Is Literally Everywhere…

Jason has a very good point, you can find abstract images literally everywhere, but achieving it in a meaningful way isn't that easy. Read his words to get some inspiration if you don't have anything to photograph or if you are feeling a little bit blocked in terms of creativity.

5 Creative Tips On How To Take Amazing Abstract Photos

After being inspired, it is time to actually make some images. Read these 5 creative tips for abstract photography that Jasenka Grujin has for us.

Abstract photographs are pretty much like abstract paintings, images are based on color, light, and emotion.

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