25 Creative Examples Of Long Exposure Photography


Long exposure photography involves using a slower shutter speed than normal, hence also called slow shutter photography and this is a genre of photography where the photographer intentionally uses longer shutter speeds to blur moving elements in the scene. However, these kind of images become effective when there is at least one stationary element in the scene that helps to show the effect of movement in the scene. There are some techniques like ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) that need to be very carefully done because all the elements in the scene may be blurred out and this can be used effectively for creative abstract photography.

Long exposure photography can be done under various situations to tell a story and to compose images creatively. Blur in the images can be used as leading lines, frames, patterns, etc., to make the image look interesting and effective.

If you want to move beyond the rule of thirds and are interested in incorporating advanced composition in your images so you can implement techniques award winning photographers use, then we recommend you to take a look at this “Advanced Composition” guide by Photzy.

Below, we will look at 25 creative examples of long exposure photography that can help you with some creativity and inspiration so you can try them, no matter what genre of photography you are interested in.

Image by Chery Lee
Image by Conor Luddy
Image by Jr Korpa
Image by Chuttersnap
Image by Eric Linn
Image by Ahmad Odeh

You can shoot long exposure photographs with any equipment that you have no matter what your experience is. If you are looking for easy-to-follow lessons that can transform your perspective and help you craft images that are indistinguishable from the pros, we recommend you to check out this “Advanced Composition” guide by Photzy.

Image by Jason Chen
Image by Marek Piwnicki
Image by jean wimmerlin
Image by Andrew Riojas
Image by Martin Adams
Image by julian mora

Sometimes you may struggle with pre-visualising things around you to create a great photograph. Photographers with a highly developed sense of composition can just step into a scene and capture the beauty of even the dullest subjects. If you want to develop your skills in photography and be able to compose unique images, then this guide “Advanced Composition” by Photzy is the one to go for.

Image by Gavin Barnett
Image by Zach Reiner
Image by Melissa Newkirk
Image by Ahmad Odeh
Image by Daiwei Lu
Image by Andre Benz

Have you struggled with composition when out in the fields doing photography? If yes, then this “Advanced Composition” guide by Photzy is something you should be checking out. It is packed with essential skills in advanced photography that are only usually discussed during graduate-level art seminars.

Image by Roman Koester
Image by Ian
Image by Jr Korpa
Image by Filip Mroz
Image by Joshua Fuller

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