25 Gorgeous Photos Of Owls


Owls are without a doubt one of the most stunning bird species.  Because of their incredibly deep and piercing eyes and somewhat haunting appearance, many myths and folktales revolve around them. The same goes for photography – owls are amazing models due to their dramatic looks.

Photographing wildlife, in general, requires a lot of patience, observation skills and to be ready to shoot the action when it happens. Indeed, photographing any animal is nothing less than photographing portraits of humans. So when thinking about a portrait of your slithery or furry friend, it is always the eyes that need to be in sharp focus and make sure you get “up, close and personal” where it is possible (avoid any dangerous situations) for some compelling portraits.

Close portraits of animals can be really intriguing or impactful and can also make way for any distractions to disappear. It also defines the features of the animal so well!

If you are looking to learn more about portraiture then take a look at our Light Stalking Portrait Photography page. This page brings together every portrait photography tutorial and tip on the site (and several other sites) that we think will round out your skills as a portrait photographer.

But without further ado, check out the following 25 stunning images of owls if you like these mysterious big birds!

Photo by Sean McGee

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Photo by Alex Makarov
Photo by Photostockeditor
Photo by Sheri Hooley

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We hope you've enjoyed this gallery, while it might not be immediately obvious, taking photos of our animal friends isn't that different from taking great portraits of our human friends.

Take a look at our fantastic Portrait Photography page where we've brought together every portrait photography tutorial and tip on the site (and several other sites) that we think will round out your skills as a portrait photographer.

Just a friendly reminder that this page is also a living document for portrait photographers who want a single online reference for the craft. It will change and be updated often, so bookmark it and come back as you need to.

Further Learning:

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