Latvia In Infrared: A Natural Baltic Story Captured By Pierre-Louis Ferrer


Pierre-Louis Ferrer is a French photographer who specializes in infrared and ultraviolet photography revealing the world beyond the visible. His scientific background and experience in the aeronautical industry helped him enrich his skills in photography.

Here is whatPierre-Louis Ferrer has to say about himself and his experience when capturing the beauty of Latvia in infrared along with some stunning infrared shots.

AboutPierre-Louis Ferrer

Hi, my name is Pierre-Louis Ferrer, I am a French professional photographer based in Paris, specializing in techniques beyond the visible: infrared and ultraviolet photography. As a former engineer in optics and sensors, I have a solid technical background that allows me to develop cameras and sensors to push back ever further the limits of the perceptible.

My photographic series are regularly exhibited in festivals, biennials, and art galleries, in France and abroad.

The Trip To Latvia

I was invited by a close friend living in Latvia to visit the country for a few days. That was my first experience in a Baltic country, and I discovered Latvia through different aspects, from its capital Riga to national parks and forests, passing by a memorial of the Second World War.

It was also my first post-lockdown trip outside France, so I was quite excited to bring my equipment to a new destination, furthermore in a country with not so many tourists. Time to show you what I discovered.

This trip took place during summer 2021 when the weather is supposed to be the sunniest. 

Gear Used

During this journey, I took with me a converted Canon RP camera modified for infrared photography, along with 35mm and 100mm macro prime lenses and a 550nm infrared filter designed by Kolari Vision. I was then able to travel light and deal with most of the subjects I wanted to shoot. The result was a vibrant and saturated nature where leaves became red.

The Experience

Kemeri National Park consists of swamps surrounded by conifers and birches. It is traversed along raised wooden paths so as not to interfere with biodiversity during your visit.

The weather on the day of the visit was very mild, the blue of the sky matching the blue of the bodies of water where the clouds were reflected. This park also has an observation tower in the middle of the walk, offering an impressive panorama of it. My most beautiful Latvia photo discovery!

The gigantic statues at the Salaspils Memorial recall the scars of the different periods of war and occupation of Latvia. The Memorial itself, a sort of Soviet spaceship, contains photo archives of the Second World War and the construction of this historic place.

A sound system emits heartbeat sounds from the forest; making the visit to this place very emotionally strong.

Sigulda is a very pretty town located about fifty kilometers from Riga, in the Gauja National Park. From this city, it is possible to visit the rock formations of the region, between natural caves and spaces carved into the rock.

Another point of interest is the old paper factory and its industrial remains: while the factory itself is difficult to access, the few abandoned buildings in the area prove to be prime photo subjects!

The forests of Latvia are traversed by observation turrets accessible to all walkers and offering panoramas above the treetops (often fir trees). The swirls of smoke coming from the mists retained on the ground and evaporated throughout the day.

A lot of stunning photographs by Pierre-Louis from other travels and locations can be found on his website and blog. If you likePierre-Louis' work and wish to follow him or see more of his works, check out his website and social media accounts below.

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