Polaroid Pivots to Music in Latest Turn


We’ve covered a lot of different twists and turns in the industry but this has to be one of the more unique stories.

green trees near body of water painting
Green trees near body of water painting on a Polaroid instant print. Photo by Matt Moloney

You might remember at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic that Kodak made headlines for its potential shift to making chemicals for the medical industry. While that turned into a saga all of its own, we’ve also covered stories like the rebirth of Olympus that more or less stick to the script and stay firmly rooted in the camera market.

And then there’s Polaroid. Never one to shy away from cashing in on the retro craze, nor afraid of trying new things, Polaroid is now offering speakers and a streaming music service to go with them. You read that right; Polaroid, the company perhaps best known for consumer cameras with iconic instant prints, is now in the music industry.

With no less than four speakers on offer, ranging from the P4 to the P1 with the former the largest in size and the latter a personal player, Polaroid is also pairing them up with the aforementioned streaming music service aptly named Polaroid Music. As for pricing, the smallest speaker is about $USD 59.99 depending on the exchange rate to $USD 289.99 for the largest.

Again, it looks like the company is tapping into both the retro and lifestyle markets yet, nonetheless, this is probably pretty shocking news for longtime fans of the camera company. Still, if it works, it works, but we’ll take a wait-and-see approach with that. In the end, we’ll add this to our growing archive of “where are they now” stories with a small reminder that, even the stuff of your wildest imagination often pales in comparison to what actually happens in reality.

We’d love to know your thoughts on Polaroid Music and the associated speakers as well as your favorite memories of Polaroid in the comments.

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