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18 Very Cool Reflection Photos

Capturing reflections in photography can produce some spectacular images. The problem, however, is that it is not always as easy at it seems to get great reflection shots as it generally requires the shooter to treat the reflection and subject as one item, in much the same way as good images involving shadows is done.
While many photographers try to capture good shots relying on reflection, far fewer actually succeed.
The reflection photos below however, we think are pretty cool and show a fairly broad spectrum of what can be achieved with reflection and shadow in photography. Obviously, there is a bias towards landscapes here, but there might also be a few surprises for you.
As always, please feel free to leave links to any reflection shots you think deserve some recognition and don't forget to check out the links at the end of the post if you want to find out how these photographers took such great reflection photos.

Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections

Bryggen reflection



Reflections of Amsterdam

Zuiderkerk - Amsterdam HDR


Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo


Flower Multiplied

Amsterdam - Prinsengracht


Hasselblad way to fall

Many thanks to the rain

aNgEL oF siLEncE...

leftover drops

Reflections on the Arctic Sea

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