Getting into Instagram


Instagram, its that place with the garish filters and poorly composed smartphone images of your dinner, cat or partner doing silly things, isn’t it? If, like me, that is what you thought, you may well be wrong. When people like the renowned photographer and Adobe expert Scott Kelby tell you you need to be on […]

The Nikon D5: Is it the Last of Its Kind?


This sort of question will always stir the emotions of any photographer and whilst we are here, and for the sake of balance we should add that the Canon EOS-1DX II and indeed any other professional DSLRs could have been used in the title. I should also add, that for those with an extreme passion […]

36 Links That Are Like Catnip for Photographers

Sunset at Cholla Cactus Garden by Joshua Tree National Park

As another exciting week passes us by we find Toad Hollow Photography searching all corners of the internet for links to helpful tutorials, special features and great photography to share here with everyone.  This week’s list encompasses a wide variety of subjects and photographs from some of the finest talents working in the field today.  […]

Why The Color RED Made Me a Better Photographer


I want some attention! I want people to notice my photography. I want my skills to be recognized. It’s true isn’t it? We all crave attention. You want your photographs to get noticed. I get it. So do I. Photography is a challenging medium. No one will ever really master it completely. Like all art; […]