How to Create a Preset in Lightroom CC


We all have our own personal processing preferences that we do 99% of the time. From the moment we import files into Lightroom to the time we export a file for printing, we can create presets. A preset is the method of naming and saving processing steps for future, repetitive use when needed.  Presets can […]

A Photographer’s Guide to Berlin

Modern Architecture in Potsdamer Platz

Berlin is a fascinating city of great history and an intriguing mixture of Western and Soviet architecture. For a capital and major European city, it is remarkably compact and features a fantastic multi level and cheap transport system that makes getting around at any time of day pretty stress free. Despite being a major tourist […]

These Are The Best Smartphone Camera Apps You Can Get Today


Recently, we suggested seven ways to take better shots with your smartphone. Although that article was a technical guide, we had a number of requests for an article about the best smartphone apps for photography. Of course there are literally thousands of photographic apps on the market for all operating systems, but in this article […]

The 30 Best Photography Links of the Last Week


Join us as we explore the very best tutorials, special features and great photography hosted online today in the world of photography in this list of links hand-curated by Toad Hollow Photography.  This list contains links to some great articles and photographs, as shared by some of the finest artists and writers working today.  We […]

5 Photography Books You Will Want to Own


The sources of education and inspiration available to photographers today are seemingly endless, thanks mainly to the digitized world in which we live. In years past, one had to actually get out and visit a gallery or attend a class/workshop; you had to go to a bookstore or library to find a photography book. Today, […]