Silhouettes, Japan’s Asteroid Photography, And An Orchid Mantis Dominate This Week On Light Stalking


This has been quite a week for our Light Stalking community. We welcome 170 new members to our beloved family just in this last week, and we hope that they'll start sharing their knowledge and curiosity with us.

We also want to say that our 400th Weekend Photography Challenge has just been a celebration of wonderful images and stories. Thank you so much to the community for embracing the Challenge and sharing with us some breathtaking work.

Photo Of The Week – September 24, 2018

Just Wow! The fantastic John Thompson (AKA@nikon-nut) photographs the stunning Red Rock region in all its glory and regularly posts his work to the forums. Individually, these images are spectacular, but as a portfolio (please see John's Flickr stream for more of his work) you can really get a sense of his deep love and appreciation of this beautiful land. Here's what Kent DuFault had to say about this image:

“This week the POTW goes to John Thompson for his stunning desert landscape. What can you say about this photograph? It's just simply gorgeous and amazing.”

Weekend Photography Challenge #400 – Silhouettes 

This challenge was definitely special with many new Light Stalking members posting for the first time here. Once again we appreciate the work of community member Tersha for coming up with amazing challenges week-in-week-out.

Here our very own Federico Alegria highlights and discusses 3 entries that caught his attention:

Shelter – by Click

Photo by Click

This shot by Light Stalking member Click is fantastic. This is a great example not only of a silhouette but also of the technique of sub-framing. Sub-framing is a more complex composition technique where the photographer creates a sub-composition inside an actual photograph. Great capture! (if you'd like to read more on sub-framing, see Federico's popular post how to master framing in photographic composition for more powerful shots.)

Silhouette – by Deborah

Photo by Deborah

This is the first image Deborah has ever shared with us at Light Stalking, and we hope she doesn't stop here because this is a great photograph! Strong composition with the main subjects on different levels – sitting and standing, coupled with a very stark silhouette creating great interest. Awesome.

Patrolling the lakes (nominally) with RUC – by Chris Pook

Photo by Chris Pook

I just love this image by Chris, it doesn't have heavy silhouettes in it, but it has such a great feeling of exuberance and fun in it that it deserves a special place here on Light Stalking. It is worth noting that there is no time limit on the Weekend Photography Challenge – you can post any relevant photo you've taken. Chris took this photo back in 1991 – as he noted in the forum “This was back when you had no idea what you had shot till you got them back from the chemist” Thanks for going through the archives and sharing this fantastic photo with us!

Federico will be posting more on our Special Weekend Photography Challenge #400 soon

And don't forget…

Weekend Photography Challenge #401 – Music And Dance is up and running, so please head over to the forums and join the conversation and post your photos!

What You May Have Missed in the Light Stalking Community

A few days ago, an article on the rule of 500 was published by Rob. A really interesting topic for people who want to learn how to shoot the sky at the quite a high level. A couple of days later, one of our forum members Robert Apple shared with us more information to continue our collective learning. This is a really interesting topic to dig into.
If you are slightly into Harry Potter, you'll love what Mistyisle shared with us this week. A brief yet warm collection of images from the Mortlock Wing from the Adelaide Library, which frankly, it is a very Potterish indeed.

Don't Forget To Give Other Members Feedback In The Tank

Help these photographers become even better at what they do with your accurate feedback, comments, and critique over in the Shark Tank.

Top 5 Stories Of The Week Here On Light Stalking

Just in case you missed them, here are the top 5 from this week:

Japan’s Space Agency Releases First Photos from Asteroid’s Surface – from Kehl Bayern, this story was so popular and we can understand why!
5 Links To Get You Into Abstract Photography – Here Federico Alegria lists some great tutorials to get you started with abstract.
How to Photograph the Moon (With 10 Great Examples) One of the all-time most popular posts on Light Stalking!
6 Common Mistakes When Setting Up Your CameraJason Row discusses some common mistakes and how to fix or avoid them
21 Awesome Macro Photographs To Inspire You – a beautiful gallery pulled together by Federico Alegria which we hope inspires you to try macro

We will leave you this week with an amazing image posted by Tersha to the forum  “Orchid Mantis On An Orchid” This is a brilliant image – Thank you Tersha!

Orchid Mantis – by Tersha

Orchid Mantis by Tersha

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