This Toy Photographer Brings Cinematic Scenarios To Life


Toy photography is something that gives a creative outlet to everyone, even those who thought they had none. As kids, we all imagined our favorite characters in these larger than life, cinematic situations using toys. But with Toy Photography, you can actually bring that imagination to life!

Jared Middleton, aka Sirdork, is an avid collector turned photographer from Upstate NY and this is what he had to tell us about his toy photography.

Toy photography is a very healthy, fun and valuable art form to learn, which is why I love it. I started out just snapping quick shots with my phone, But after the first few photoshoots, I became addicted to the idea that I could do absolutely anything with these figures. Ever since then, I've been working to improve my photos every day and now can do toy photography professionally. It is a dream come true. I encourage all pop culture fans, collectors, and photographers to start this hobby and change their lives!”

You can find some of Jared's favorite works below!

“I have a Youtube channel where I show all of my toy photography techniques. Whether it's camera settings, editing, posing, etc, I have a tutorial for that! I also stream live every week to chat with other toy photographers about the things we love!

I love the action! My goal when I bring a toy photo idea into the camera is to make it as action-packed as possible. I love using practical effects with setups. Fireworks, water, dirt and other elements are the best way, in my opinion, to sell the real action occurring in my toy photos.”

“Seeing the art form grow and watching others fall into the same healthy toy photography addiction I fell into, is beyond inspiring. I know that one day in the future, this art form will become a widespread hobby that people of all ages around the world will enjoy.”

If you love Jared's work and wish to follow more of them, here are the links to his website and social media accounts.

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