25 Fascinating Levitation Photos


Levitation Photography is a kind of trick photography where some elements or the subject seems to be defying gravity and will look like they are floating. It may look like a tricky and difficult form of photography, but these photographs can be easily created by capturing a set of images using a tripod and then using layer masking to get the final results.

Levitation photography can be done with humans as subjects or other still life objects and even food. You need to use the camera on a tripod and balance the model on some support, furniture or if still life objects, you can make use of stands and strings to suspend them. Take a photo. Now remove the levitating subject/s, objects in the scene and take another photo of the background alone. Then remove the stands, furniture or strings used to position/suspend the subject or objects and you have a levitation photograph.

You don't need expensive camera and lens or need to be a pro to shoot levitation photographs. You can take some breath-taking special effect shots with just your regular camera and in order to achieve this, we recommend you to check out Evan Sharboneau's “Trick Photography” book.

Here are 25 examples of levitation photography that can inspire you to try your hands on this interesting form of trick photography.

Image by Javier Peñas
Image by xusenru
Image by Ashley Bean
Image by Sara Julie
Image by AdinaVoicu

If you are looking to take some really cool photos with interesting special effects that will blow the mind of your viewers, then we highly recommend you to check out this “Trick Photography” book by Evan Sharboneau. You will learn a bunch of simple techniques that will transform the way you photograph anything from now on.

Image by Vasili1316
Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Himal Rana
Image by Erik Mclean
Image by uslikajme
Image by Piotr Wilk

Have you ever looked at images online or on social media, especially those images with some super cool effects that trick your mind and felt that you knew how it was done? These are done with some tricks and techniques that are very easy to follow. This “Trick Photography” book by Evan Sharboneau will teach you step-by-step how different special effects can be created in photography!

Image by photo nic
Image by African_Wiz
Image by Learen
Image by ImaArtist
Image by AjayGoel 
Image by Najib Kalil

If you are looking to create breath-taking special effect shots that your friends will find hard to believe, then you need to check out Evan Sharboneau's “Trick Photography” book that will teach you how to use stunning photography tricks that other people simply won't even understand.

Image by Muscat_Coach
Image by Fredy_Martinez_Photograph
Image by Sara Julie
Image by Joseph Frank
Image by Varun Gaba

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