4 Persistant Myths About Drone Photography

Drones have rapidly become powerful tools for photographers and filmmakers alike. Their ability to soar above a scene and give an entirely new perspective to our images makes them increasingly popular. With that popularity, however comes some negativity, some induced by some drone fliers themselves, others simply myths propagated by people that vehemently dislike the […]

How to Perfect Your Indoor Portraits Using Mirrors

I’ve lived in a variety of small apartments and rooms throughout my life. Though they often served as artistic obstacles, they provided me with an appreciation for details. Thanks to them, I was able to find potential in everyday objects such as intricate shadows cast by lace curtains, hands, and even steam. Limitations strengthened my […]

Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Take Photographs

I get a little melancholy when I see watermelons. Let me explain. Towards the end of summer in Ukraine, farmers come to the city to sell watermelons from huge crates on street corners. It signifies the beginning of the end of summer. As photographers, however we should not feel melancholy about the end of summer […]