18 Very Cool Reflection Photos

Capturing reflections in photography can produce some spectacular images. The problem, however, is that it is not always as easy at it seems to get great reflection shots as it generally requires the shooter to treat the reflection and subject as one item, in much the same way as good images involving shadows is done. […]

13 Eerie Photos of Gargoyles & Grotesques

Choosing interesting topics to shoot is one of the obvious keys of photography, but turning interesting subjects into awesome photos is easier said than done. This selection of cool Gargoyles and Grotesques, we think, makes that transition. As you might expect with any set of photos of Gargoyles, black and white imagery has a fairly […]

Remarkable Water Droplet Photographs by Steve Wall

Wandering around Flickr can really waste a lot of hours, but when we recently stumbled accross Steve Wall‘s photostreams and specifically, his photos of water droplets, well we were impressed. Steve is an amateur photographer who shoots on a Nikon D200, in this case with a Nikkor 60mm Macro (and like many of us, started […]

Awe Inspiring Moon Photos

A full moon sends everyone a little crazy, but capturing good moon photos is an extremely difficult photography art to master. A well done photograph of the moon can add atmosphere to a photo like nothing else, but most shots of the moon tend to be bland and disappointing. So we decided to go and […]

Six Steps to Calibrate Your Monitor Without Software

Knowing how to properly calibrate your monitor can save any budding photographer a lot of heartache when it comes to getting an accurate idea of the colors in a photograph and how they might turn out after printing (or on other people’s monitors). The fact is there can be a world of difference between the […]