A Guide to Wildlife Camera Phone Photography

Photographing wildlife is perhaps one of the most difficult things you can attempt with a camera phone. Image elements such as proximity, light and movement are going to pose massive problems for equipment that limits your photographic options. On the other hand, many people manage to get some pretty good images of wildlife with their […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Camera Phone Portrait Photography

Taking decent portraits with a camera phone is actually a very good opportunity to get cell phone photography right. In general, portrait photography is one of the types of photography where you control the vast majority of variables (unlike wildlife or action photography). Here are a few things you that you can control: Control the […]

How to Improve Your Camera Phone Photography

As any camera phone photographer will tell you, talent beats equipment almost every time in photography. A talented photographer can produce a stunning image with a pinhole camera given enough time, whereas many amateurs struggle to produce even average photographs using top of the line camera gear. These days, there is a growing movement of […]

23 Amazing Amateur Aurora Photos

If you’re lucky enough to live in the extreme north, you regularly have an amazing photographic opportunity in Aurora Borealis (aka northern polar lights) – a phenomenon that doesn’t often occur the closer to the equator you get. As these aurora photos demonstrate the lights can provide a stunning backdrop to night-time landscape photographs and […]

Macro Photography: 20 Closeup Photos of Ladybugs

Well if our story on Steve Wall’s water drop macro photography impressed you, then you might might like to check out these remarkable macro photographs of Ladybugs. When macro photography is well done it opens up a whole new world and we’re sure you will agree, these ladybug photos are quite remarkable. As always, you […]

How to Capture Outstanding Motion Photos with Panning

One very cool technique to capture movement in your photographs is known as panning. It basically results in an in-focus subject with a streaked background in your photos. Luckily, it isn’t as difficult as you might think to capture panning photos like these taken by Baptiste Pons and Sighthound from Flickr: Shutter Priority Mode An […]

18 Very Cool Reflection Photos

Capturing reflections in photography can produce some spectacular images. The problem, however, is that it is not always as easy at it seems to get great reflection shots as it generally requires the shooter to treat the reflection and subject as one item, in much the same way as good images involving shadows is done. […]

13 Eerie Photos of Gargoyles & Grotesques

Choosing interesting topics to shoot is one of the obvious keys of photography, but turning interesting subjects into awesome photos is easier said than done. This selection of cool Gargoyles and Grotesques, we think, makes that transition. As you might expect with any set of photos of Gargoyles, black and white imagery has a fairly […]