13 Cool Photos of Bees

The humble bee is one of natures most needed and possibly most annoying bugs of the summer. For those brave enough to spend some time waiting around for them to show up they can truly be fascinating to photograph.  Enjoy this collection of 13 cool shots of bees. Photo by ViaMoi Photo by Antonio Machado […]

24 Exhilarating Photos of Aircraft

For centuries man has looked to the sky, and only within the last hundred or so years have we been able to sustain flight. Progression in technology has advanced, and yielded one of the most fun sports to photograph for enthusiasts. Here are 26 exhilarating photos of aircraft for you to enjoy. Photo by matt.hintsa […]

15 Atmospheric Low Key Photos

According to the Wikipedia definition of Low-key lighting is, accentuates the contours of an object by throwing areas into shade while a fill light or reflector may illuminate the shadow areas to control contrast. The relative strength of key-to-fill, known as the lighting ratio, can be measured using a light meter. Low key lighting has […]

17 Excellent Examples of Narrow Depth of Field

When I first started to take photography seriously over 10 years ago, mastering depth of field was high on my priority list.  Shooting with a narrow depth of field involves setting your camera lens to the widest possible setting and then focusing on one particular part of the frame.  The stark contrast between in and […]

19 Baby Shots That Will Make You Smile

The first few months and years of a child’s life go by so fast, but there are so many amazing moments to be captured during that time that make it easy to reflect and appreciate them when they’re grown.  Here’s 19 baby shots that will make you smile for sure! Photo by rAmmoRRison Photo by […]

23 Cool Panorama Photos

Panorama by definition is a wide angle view, but showing just those would be boring.  Here’s 23 cool panorama photos that include several different techniques, including stitching, 360 pano’s and composites, all giving unique and different looks to the final product.  Of course there’s a few traditional panorama photos in there too. Photo by p0ps […]

27 Eerie Shots of Running Water

Two things are for certain when you start photography: You will shoot train tracks and you will do long exposures with water.  Running water can create some beautiful images when you put the time into setting up your gear and picking the location along with angle and exposure.  Here’s 27 great, yet eerie shots of […]