11 High Speed Splash Photos

Ok, so that’s probably not the best title we’ve ever come up with, but hopefully this collection makes up for that. These are high speed shots of objects making a splash in liquid. Now that might not sound terribly exciting but the results are quite interesting. Moreover, this is the type of thing you can […]

Everyone Loves a Carnival: 13 Great Shots from Fairs

Local fairs and carnivals present photographers with a fantastic opportunity to test their skills. The conditions are necessarily the easiest, but with some preparation, it can be well worthwhile to capture some of the amazing variations in light and movement that happen at fairs. Here is a collection of carnival photos that we really enjoyed. […]

13 Eyeballs Closer Than You’ve Ever Seen Them

The human eyeball, when viewed up close is one of the most intricately beautiful things in nature. And while we think that it really lends itself as a subject for macro photographers, a surprisingly few amount of people attempt to photograph eyes. Hopefully this collection of fantastic eye photos will go some way towards changing […]

13 Glorious New Zealand Landscape & Seascape Photos

New Zealand is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world and is on almost everybody’s “”must visit” list. Just in case you needed that extra bit of motivation to get down there some day, check out this incredible shots of what New Zealand has to offer us photographers. Photo by Chris Gin […]

12 Dramatic Low Key Black & White Portraits

Low key photography is associated with having high contrast with minimal highlight. Often the lighting will be just enough to outline the subject though that often varies. The main benefit of low key photographs is that they convey an incredibly dramatic effect by maximizing shadow and darkness. We are sure you will agree that the […]