How to Make Double Exposures in Photoshop

Double exposure photography is a genre that merges multiple photographs to create a single story. Stories told through double exposures are often very thoughtful and visually appealing. Like optical illusions, they catch the viewer’s eye, compelling them to wonder how such an image was created. Certain cameras can merge photographs before they’re even imported to […]

US Congress Debating Copyright Small Claims Reform Bill – Great News for Independent Photographers

Copyright claims might be getting a little easier for photographers. Legislation proposed by Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act of 2017 (CASE) would streamline the federal copyright small claims process, reducing cost of litigation and limiting friction in the copyright claims process for photographers. Introduced to the US Congress by Hakeem Jeffries of the […]

Exploring the Beauty of 10 Photography Genres

I love portraiture. Taking photos of expressions, movements, and spontaneous reactions fills me with childlike excitement. This was the only genre I focused on when I first discovered photography, but when I began to experiment with other types of techniques, perspectives, and concepts, my artistic self discovered a whole new world. There, I found more […]