How to Shoot Stunning Blue Hour Cityscapes

Many of us, even those just starting out in photography have heard of the golden hour. Technically it’s golden hours because you have one around sunrise and one around sunset. It is a fantastic time to shoot, a time when the light is soft and yellow and the shadows long. There is however another great […]

Getting Creative with White Balance

One of the great aspects of photography is the sheer amount of control we have over an image. We can vary shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focus points, depth of field to name just a few. Each of these controls allows us to subtly or even dramatically change the way our image looks. For example if […]

Is Photography Losing Its Impact?

Photography has evolved dramatically in technology and image exposure capabilities. This has resulted in a generous democratization that has brought the craft and discipline closer to the people. But since we are constantly bombarded with visual content (photographs and video), and despite the fact that I’m not against the democratization of the medium, a question […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Editing Time in Lightroom

Maybe you’re the kind of photographer who takes an abundance of photos for fun. Perhaps you’re a wedding or portrait photographer who takes hundreds of photos during a single photo shoot. Whoever you are, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of a process commonly known as efficient editing. This type of editing seems to belong […]

Erin Mulvehill’s Eerie Underwater Portraits Are Stunning

Underwater photography can be quite a risky and complicated one with all those extra pieces of protection for gear, model/s and the photographer. But, Erin Mulvehill creates incredible underwater effects using studio lights and other materials in her own studio. Erin is a photographer from New York, who was born in October 1988 near Lake Ontario. She began […]