7 Ways to Make Your Minimalist Photography More…..Minimal?

minimalist photography

The concept of minimalist photography has been around quite some time – actually since way back in the 20th Century, but today it’s still as popular as ever! Why? Perhaps our desire for constant social media updates and blog feeds has meant we’re submerged with a saturation of images, flooding our minds with ideas and lust. We need to get back to basics, strip it down and create some powerful photography.

5 Ways to Make Your Photos Pop


When you look at your photographs, do you feel that they lack punch and don’t pop enough? A lot of us do. The photographs that come straight out of the camera are often quite dull and require additional steps to make them look compelling. These steps can range from changing the default picture settings on […]

Lino Manfrotto Passes Away at 80


Lino Manfrotto passed away on Sunday, February 5th aged 80 years. The former photojournalist from Vicenza was most well known for his role in founding the famous Manfrotto brand of tripods. Manfrotto noticed in the 60s that high quality camera and light supports were rare in the market and so began manufacturing his own designs […]