Rumors Indicate Nikon USA Has Laid Off Majority of NPS Staff


One of the more beloved companies here at Light Stalking, Nikon has not had an easy go of it the past year or more.

Photo by D850 from Nikon.

And everyone has their own theory as to why that is but there’s also the fact that Nikon isn’t the only company facing some difficult market conditions.

That said, it seems like the hits just keep coming for fans of the company and the balm of new products on the horizon is becoming less effective when the infrastructure used to support them is withering before everyone’s very eyes.

Nikon Rumors is reporting that the majority of the staff at Nikon Professional Services in the USA and Canada were laid off this week and this even includes people in the marketing department. Nikon reports that the previous number of 14 to 5 in a span of two years.

Of course, this news follows the general trend we’ve seen from the company over the past few months. While the industry at large is facing delays due to a components shortage, Nikon closed two lens factories in Japan and shifted its domestic production of cameras to Thailand – two massive shocks for longtime fans.

The company then reported dismal financials and withdrew from the Malaysian market after leaving Brazil some three years before. On the grassroots level, the end of the Authorized Repair Program made it that much harder for some people to get their cameras fixed and the end of warranty services in some countries nearly made owning a Nikon an impractical choice for some of us. Even so, Nikon execs express optimism for the future and the company is still rolling out an aggressive fleet of new products.

What do you think of Nikon’s recent headwinds? Do you have any insights that could help the company? Comment on Nikon’s situation below.

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I believe the camera industry will follow the Apple computer repair philosophies. Phasing in non repairable cameras while pushing to make new camera purchases.

Sad days for sure. As we rise out of this pandemic into a new normal the after math has yet to be seen just how many other companies will have to make a pivot like this to save the brand’s future… It’s not about making money right now; it’s about having capital to fuel growth and push through a hard couple years.

Nikon has always been in my hand throughout the years and been a part of my success – I hope to never be forced into another system. I’m excited for where they are headed yet saddened more people are losing jobs.

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