27 Breathtaking Milky Way Photo Examples


If done right, night sky photography can look absolutely magical! The good news is that you don't need super expensive gear to achieve such shots, but you definitely need a lot of practice and patience. Night sky photography can get pretty technical and you need to have a basic understanding of camera settings for this type of photography to be able to capture really good shots.

Read our comprehensive article with step-by-step instructions on photographing the Milky Way and check out this stunning selection of 27 Milky Way photographs!

Photo by Jeremy Thomas
Photo by Sam Goodgame
Photo by William Zhang
Photo by Casey Horner
Photo by Kota Hamori
Photo by Johny Goerend
Photo by Felix Mittermeier
Photo by Antoino Lopez
Photo by Jason Leung
Photo by Ryan Hutton
Photo by Vincent Ledvina
Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski
Photo by John Fowler
Photo by Trevor McKinnon

Do you want to capture truly breathtaking Milky Way photographs? Then check out this article!

Photo by Jimmy Larry
Photo by Klemen Vrankar
Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan
Photo by Nate Rayfield
Photo by John Fowler
Photo by Benjamin Voros
Photo by Sean Pierce
Photo by Aperture Vintage
Photo by Luca Micheli
Photo by Vincent Ledvina
Photo by Chung Yee Tsang
Photo by Zoltan Tasi
Photo by Paul Gilmore

To find all the important information on Milky Way photography in one place, don't forget to check out this article. It covers pretty much everything, from camera settings to composition and post-processing tricks. Our own Milky Way Lightroom presets are also worth checking out.

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