21 Photos Of Textures In Landscapes


Textures on landscapes depict colours, shapes, forms and helps us to perceive depth on the surface of landscapes. These textures can be found everywhere around us, in rocks, water, ice, clouds, grass, sand, lava, and through other natural phenomena. Once you start noticing textures, you will be able to include them in your photography and be able to capture visually appealing shots.

When photographing landscapes, the textures themselves can stand out to be a great subject for photography or when photographing a large landscape, textures can make the image interesting and help to add drama and depth to the landscape. Here we share 21 landscape photographs of textures that can inspire you and give you ideas on how to shoot them the next time you are in the great outdoors!

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Photo by USGS 
Photo by Rosie Steggles 
Photo by Claire Nolan
Photo by Davide Cantelli 
Photo by Todd Cravens

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Photo by Marek Piwnicki 
Photo by ruedi häberli 
Photo by Spencer Watson 
Photo by Johannes Plenio
Photo by Andy Bitterer
Photo by Derek Oyen

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Photo by Lubo Minar
Photo by David Marcu
Photo by Dan Meyers

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