37 Websites Every Photographer Should be Reading


The amount of amazing photography on the web never ceases to amaze us. There is so much talent and information surrounding the craft that it can be a little overwhelming. That is why we decided to help curate the photography web a little with our own collection of amazing photography sites that we are fans of.

'______ Photography?' photo (c) 2009, Sherman Geronimo-Tan - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Photography Tutorials

DIY Photography – The place to go if you want to experiment with photography projects and learn how to create your own lighting setups without breaking the bank. Run by Udi Tirosh, this has become one of the coolest blogs around and they even have several guides of their own.

Photo Naturalist – If you're an outdoor photographer, then you probably already know this one. It has some great guides and tutorials and some very handy ebooks.

Strobist – Still the place to go for learning all about using artificial lighting in your photography.

FStoppers – Simply the best place on the internet for photography videos that take you behind the scenes with the pros.

Fro Knows Photo – Fro has some great videos and the ones on how he edits a particular photo are great. There's also a pretty active forum that you should check out too.

The Photo Argus – If you're looking for some pretty cool photography tutorials, then the Photo Argus will probably have you covered. Regularly updated and you might even find a few articles by Light Stalking writer, Christopher O'Donnell.

Digital Photography School – These guys have daily tutorials, reviews and news plus a massive forum. Run by Darren Rowse, it's definitely a place to stop by on a daily basis.

Cambridge in Colour – This is one of the most comprehensive and useful sites for learning photography on the internet that should be in every photographer's bookmarks.

Picture Correct – Another great blog with a heap of tutorials that should be in your feed reader.

Tuts Plus – Always very in depth photography tutorials with lots of examples and visual displays. Well worthwhile.

Improve Photography – This is a blog by Jim Harmer who writes some very good tutorials. It's regularly updated and should be in your bookmarks.

Camera Dojo – Has a heap of tutorials as well as podcasts and product reviews. Get your black belt in photography!?

Photography Blogger – Lots of great collections and tutorials at a consistently high quality.


Photography News

Petapixel – New photography news all the time. A real go-to place if you want to stay up to date with the latest in photography. They also chase down cool videos and practically anything else that happened in the last 24 hours.

This Week in Photo – Just as the title suggests. Worth adding to your RSS reader.

Small Aperture – A regularly updated blog where almost anything photography related will be covered. This one is run by Haje from Photocritic.org who thinks of Small Aperture as “an outlet for photography… stuff. News, views, and reviews.”

Current Photographer – Trevor Current keeps up to date with just about everything that is happening in the world of photography.

Photo Competitions – Not news as such, but if you want an up to date view of what photography competitions are on, then this is the spot to get it.

The Business of Photography

Photopreneur – These guys come out with regular articles about photography as a business and have several books published about building a photography business that you can buy on Amazon.

Chase Jarvis – It's hard to know where to categorise this blog because it has a bit of everything. But in the end, it's the day to day trials of being a professional photographer. Everything from storage problems through to business ideas. Interesting to watch what Chase does, rather than says.

Virtual Photo Studio – Some sound basic advice for photographers who don't want to starve. These guys are especially good on how photographers should be using the web.

Photo Attorney – Where you need to go if you are looking to learn about photography licensing issues.

Production Stills – The business of photography as it relates to movies and television as well as how to conduct the art. This blog, by Australian photographer, Angus Young details the finer points of getting into this niche of photography.

New Media Photographer – This one is all about using new media as a photographer. Well worth reading if the mysteries of Twitter and Facebook could use some clarification or if you wan to get more out of having an online presence.

Photo Creative 365 – A blog about business ideas for photographers that is updated daily and worth adding to your rss reader.

Photoshelter Blog – Besides having some very cool site design software for photographers, these guys also run a very respectable blog.


Light Stalking Photography Writers

These are the folks who are responsible for most of what you read on Light Stalking. If you enjoy this site, then you're going to love their own blogs!

Aloha Lavina – Aloha is a commercial and travel photographer based out of Bangkok. She also leads photography workshops there and writes regularly on improving your photography skills.

Christopher O'Donnel – Christopher is a landscape photographer based in Maine. Check out his amazing work.

Mike Panic – Mike is a commercial photographer who has been with us from the very beginning!

Tom Dinning – Tom is a recent addition to our community and spent his career as a professional photographer and photography teacher. These days he is contributing more and more stories to Light Stalking.

Emma Brabrook – Emma is a professional photographer based in Wales. Her esoteric photography blog is well worth a read if you're into experimenting!

Chase Guttman – Chase is an award winning travel photographer based in New York city. He writes a handy blog with photography tutorials.


Photography Collections

Toad Hollow – The Toad is obsessed with recording disappearing history in his area. This is one of the real strengths of photography and we love that he is invested in the true spirit of photography.

Dominic Boudreault – Worthwhile simply for his amazing time lapse that he made!

Drecart – Some very cool photos (and accompanying blog) out of the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia

Jason Smith Photography – Jason concentrates on outdoor youth culture like skating and surfing… and does it damn well.

North Metro Photo – A daily photo journal around the Twin Cities metro area, Minnesota and beyond

About Author

Rob is the founder of Light Stalking. His love for photography pushed him into building this fantastic place, and you can get to know him better here.

Thank you for including new media photographer. I enjoyed reading the list. Good grouping of valuable blogs.


As a follow up, how about an article entitled “Great Photoblogs You Don’t Know About (yet).”

I regularly come across some excellent photography sites that don’t seem to get the traffic they deserve. Might be a good chance to showcase some lesser known photogs out there.

I agree, there are so many amazing photography related sites that just haven’t gotten that push into the big time yet. My favorite one being The Part-Time Photographer (www.parttimephoto.com). He is a genius!

In most ranks there websites that are top 50 in Google search engine. Some days ago I found photography-about.com blog where the author writes really good stuff about the photography tips, but the site seems to does not have a big traffic yet.

Me and my friend are amateur photographers (although we do some paid work every now and then) and we have created this website


We believe in free culture and we are going to post all our photos in full resolution on our website and can be used under following creative commons license.

That means you can
remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
100% free of cost.

We have just started this project and within months there will be thousands of photos available.
If you like our work and want to promote free culture then please spread the word to everyone who might want to build upon our work.
If everything goes right then our plan is to recruit more like minded photographers and make this site really rich with 100% free stock photos
Thank you for supporting us

Kind regards,


Hi guys! Awesome list! just want to welcome photographers to share black and white photos to Hotshoe – new community, fully devoted to black and white photography (hope this will be useful for someone).

Nice blog!


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