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Give Your Week an Amazing Start With These 30 Links to Beautiful Photos and Articles

As another terrific week in the field of photography passes, Toad Hollow Photography has been diligently searching all corners of the internet looking for links to the best tutorials, reviews, phone camera accessories, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here. This week’s list reflects many different facets of the industry, all created and posted online by some of the best artists working today. We hope you enjoy this week’s list as much as the Toad did in creating it for you.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Dynamic Range (Plus Useful HDR Photography Tips)

If you have created even one photo with a digital camera you are already aware that what you see is almost never what you get. This is due to several factors. First of all, the lens can geometrically affect the field of view because it mostly differs from the field of view our eyes have. But that is the least of a problem. Biggest difference is in the contrast, more precisely in the difference between the shadows and highlights.

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A Review of the Fuji XF 14mm 2.8

Unlike the world of the DSLR, the mirrorless ecosystem is not awash with what could be regarded as ultra wide angle lenses. One that does stand out is the Fuji XF 14mm f2.8. It was released originally as a companion to the Fuji X-Pro1 but will fit any of Fuji’s current interchangeable lens models including the XT1. These cameras use an APS-C sensor which means when we add in the crop factor, the 14mm gives an equivalent filed of view of 21mm. Of course, the major advantage of being designed for an APS-C sensor is that the size can remain more compact than an equivalent full frame version. Let’s see how this lens performs.

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How to Motivate Yourself to Carry Your Tripod Along More Often

Cumbersome, heavy and unnecessary are words that often spring to mind when talking about tripods. All of these words are quite accurate and good excuses not to take a tripod with you. The fact is though, in many cases you can get much better image quality if your camera is tripod-mounted as opposed to handheld. Maybe the light has faded fast, you may have seen an amazing flower, perfect for a tripod locked macro or perhaps that scene in front of you is begging for a deep depth of field. These are all shots you may lose if you don’t have a tripod with you. Today, rather than espouse the benefits of tripods, we are going to look at ways of motivating yourself to take one more often.

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Pelican's wings by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Abstract Nature Photography: 3 Effective Tips to Create Captivating Images

Abstract art separates reality of a subject through the use of imagery. Instead of an accurate, concrete image, abstract art instead conveys feeling, mood, color, movement and/or texture. While there is not a hard and fast definition of abstract nature photography, we can apply the principals found in abstract art to create captivating images. Exploring and using an abstract approach in nature photography positively impacts our creativity in 1) composition, 2) use of color, movement, lines and texture, and 3) post-processing. When delving into abstract, a key tip is to bring the focus to the elements of the subject versus the subject itself.

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Any click which shows emotions and creativity at the same time.

I got hooked to the photograph of a Sudanese Girl by Kevin Carter which also won the Pulitzer Prize. But, I now when I explored more, I now get attracted towards the photographs which has EMOTIONS AND CREATIVITY both at the same time


Hello, my self proclaimed nickname is "Inconsistent Girl"

Hello my name is Meredith, I have enjoyed doing all different elements of art in my life, but photography has always stuck with me. I can’t say what photo got me totally interested except maybe for my younger bother photos. He is really good at photoshop and that is where I lack in most cases. […]


Introduction my sefl

my name is Muhammad Zaenuddin, often called by the name zhen I was born in the town of Magelang in Indonesia country, I have 3 half-brother, they are very close to my heart, I was born on 17 november 1996. I was a student at the University Tidar in Magelang city. I still do not […]


Black and White focus essential

The beauty of BW Photo that eliminates noise from colors


Featured Member

I just wanted to say a big thank you to @nikonnut for nominating me to be the featured member on the Home Page! It’s hard to believe it was only a couple of years ago, with fear, trepidation and my first DSLR, I joined the forums to learn how to take a better image. I […]



jumper by lewbrown on Light Stalking



Hi, I am Srikanth devarapalli I am in Govt service. I cannot pinpoint one photograph in particular.