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Alex Scotts’s Photos of Los Angeles Without Cars are A Little Bit Freaky

There’s one experience in major American cities that you are almost guaranteed to have – a nice, long wait in traffic. Los Angeles’s highways are no different. That’s why Alex Scott’s pictures of LA’s highways at night are so bizarre; there aren’t any cars! One can almost hear the silence. Alex has spent a little over […]


How To Successfully Photograph Cityscapes

I’ve always been fascinated with cityscapes. There are countless ways to photograph them, but no matter how it’s done, there are some things that they should all have in common: They always need to look cool, they should be done in the perfect light, and they need to accurately represent the location you photograph. Let’s […]


A Guide to Layers and Blending in Gimp

Unlike some free software, Gimp is a powerful rival for its payware counterpart, Photoshop. Its depth and similarity to the Photoshop interface make it an ideal app for photographers on a budget. In previous articles we have looked making your images sparkle and how to add graduated filters. Today we are going to go […]


How to Quickly use the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom to Clean Up Your Photos

While not an exciting post processing action, using the spot removal tool is a necessary step in cleaning your photograph. From dust on the sensor to a distracting imperfection, an image can go from ‘great’ to ‘ok’ as a result of not paying attention to details. We’ll explore when and how to use Lightroom’s spot […]


Shooting Artistic Interiors You Can Be Proud Of

In real estate photography, the goal is to portray the indoor locations in the most realistic yet welcoming way possible. For more artistic purposes, however, such as in creating striking images from an indoor location, you can use many other factors to enhance your images. Why Dynamic Range is Important When photographing indoor locations under […]

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Lost ability to upload photos

Hey All, As of recent I was able to upload photos to my album but now when I go to new image upload it tells me that it cannot be found. I also cannot view my photo album. Has anyone experienced this issue before? CC: @admin


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