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28 Images of Photographers Getting Their Shot

Sheen Watkins recently wrote brilliantly about the way photographers see the world; the way we feel about our subjects — animate and inanimate; the way we identify and interpret beauty; what motivates us and keeps us passionate about the craft of image making. As Sheen revealed, a photographer’s vision is a direct extension of the way she thinks about photography. It all starts in the mind, abstract thing that it is. So, there’s a mental element to photography. What about the physical aspect? I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by watching other photographers. I watch them bend, stretch, double over, contort in ways that sometimes seem almost inhuman — or superhuman. I always assume that such displays of concentration are representative of a good idea; otherwise, why get your clothes dirty just for a shot of a flower? Well, to that photographer it’s obviously more than just another flower shot; he’s got a vision he needs to realize. This collection of images is about photographers in action, doing whatever it is they do to get the perfect shot. Surely, many of you will be able to relate.

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30 Links to Beautiful Photography and Inspiring Articles

Another very exciting week in the world of photography has passed us by, and we find Toad Hollow Photography searching all over the internet for links to the best tutorials, special features, reviews, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone. This weeks list is comprised of a wide variety of topics and photographs, and we really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

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The “Best” Focal Length for Street Photography? There Is No Such Thing

“What’s the best _________ for _________ ?” Can you fill in the blanks? Even if you stay well within the realm of photography you could rattle off an endless stream of possible answers. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all asked them: what’s the best lens, camera, focal length, aperture? For birds, flowers, fireworks, sports? I understand this sort of question gets asked so often, particularly by those who are in the early phase of their photographic evolution; it’s natural to look at all the impressive work around you and want to replicate what others have done. You figure if you can use the same gear or settings, you can achieve the same results. That’s a rather shortsighted way of looking at things but, again, I understand it because I’ve been there. To make matters worse, there are those who will happily dole out similarly shortsighted advice about “bests” simply because it’s what works for them, not because there is any objective, universal truth to it.

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10 Basic Day to Day Techniques to Improve Your Photography

Photography is a lifelong learning experience. Even the best of the best will tell you that they still have much to learn. This is, perhaps, doubly so in the digital era where new ideas and techniques are constantly evolving. If you are just starting out in photography, all this information can seem overwhelming. So, today, we are going to take a look at ten everyday, very simple techniques to improve your images.

Sheen's Nature Photography

How Photographers See the World Differently

Have you ever thought about how photography impacts you? I’m not referring to the business side but the personal side. Something inspired us to pick up the camera at some point in our lives. When you used it for first time, did you already know that you would have the eye, the passion for photography? Did the desire to be behind the lens occur after seeing one of your first photos or did it evolve over time?

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Garden Day

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis by Dwan on Light Stalking


East African Crested Crane #2

ISO 400; 138mm; f/4; 1/250 Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS I took several shots of him in profile. This is the only one looking at me. I’m wondering if this pose is awkward or do I stick with the ones in profile? Also did I sharpen his crown too much? CC: @albirder


Intro to Jim

I took up photography two years before I retired. Some people get too old to do a round of golf and I figured that I would never get too old to take photos. In the seven years I have never looked back and have had some very good successes. Am a member of the North […]


Lady Blues _ fleeting moments

Lady Blues.jpg by brown33 on Light Stalking Fleeting Moments -> Photo taken in Melbourne Emporium yesterday and principally following advice from ArthurR4 et. al. for Fleeting Moments for point of interest. SO this shot is of Lady Blues.., I called her …. Blues because as she didn’t BUY and was just passing BYE, the LOST […]


Coming Home

Honeybees coming home late in the day after foraging. Canon 70D Shot with EF100mmL Macro F/4, 1/320, ISO500 Shot this while at a apiary convention in Saint Augustine Florida. I love photographing bees, they are really interesting to watch. I like the softness of this image, just wondering if it needs some tweaking. As usual […]


Intro to me

Hi my name is Ginger Jones, I live in Sacramento, CA. I am an amateur photographer, as to what I like to take pictures of, well whatever captures my eye at the moment I am taking the photo. I love nature photography and animals. I love taking a photo and converting it to b/w to […]