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The Majestic Wildlife Photography of Marina Cano is Inspiring

Anybody who has ever tried to take photographs of animals will know how difficult it can be to get good images. When you add to that difficulty, photographing them in the wild, then the chances of getting a truly good shot diminish again. That is why we were so blown away when we stumbled over the remarkable wildlife photography of Spanish photographer Marina Cano.

Black-crowned Night Heron

Full-Frame or Cropped Sensor: Which Will Work for You?

There’s a large selection of camera brands, with various models combined with choices of full-frame, and cropped frame sensors. Searching for the right camera can be exciting, but it can also be time consuming and sometimes downright confusing. Cameras, lenses, gear and accessory costs can mount quickly. The information and images in this article are to assist you in making a decision that is right for you. There really isn’t a right or wrong but there probably is a ‘better option for you’ based on your goals.

japanese gardens 21 9

7 Elements that Make Japanese Gardens a Photographer’s Paradise

When thinking of landscape photography, we typically make an instant leap to large scale subjects — mountains, deserts, beaches, canyons. Landscape, however, isn’t necessarily a synonym for colossal; compelling landscape photography isn’t limited to big ticket items, so to speak. In fact, there are times when smaller is better — or at least just as good. Case in point: Japanese gardens. Japanese gardens are in many ways microcosms of the natural world, albeit highly stylized versions of the natural world.


How to Deal With Demanding Clients: 5 Tips for Photographers

Photographers often get hired by clients for specific assignments. While some clients may be more accommodating than others, every professional knows that meeting the demands of the client is easier said than done. So how does one deal with demanding clients? Proper and timely communication is one of the keys to great rapport but there’s a lot more to it. Here are some tips to help you.

By Anthony DeLorenzo

How to Build Your Momentum and Use it to Accomplish Your Photographic Goals

Most people who are successful at whatever they do, are good at goals. Setting them and meeting them. The more frequently and quickly that happens, usually the more successful that person is in whatever they’re trying to do. This is momentum. The process of continually setting and accomplishing goals is momentum. And it’s as real for photographers as for anyone else. When a goal is met, there’s a spark of emotional energy released for the pursuit of the next goal. In this way, we can ride the wave of momentum.

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Ruby Beach, WA in Black & White


Docks At Twilight

As summer begins to leave us behind for fall the days are getting shorter and the shadows longer. A visit to the quaint community of Cowichan Bay one evening found us enjoying a beautiful sunset as a family of people spent some time in the last days of summer weather on the docks. This new […]


JD Galvin intro

Hi! My name is JD and I have loved taking pictures since I was a kid. Nature, people and especially music related shots were my favorite. In the last 10 plus years, I have gotten into digital photography and I am hooked. I love live music photography, but I am expanding my horizons to more […]


Alexander @ SalomonFotografie | Capture the Moment

Hi, I’m Alexander, a passionated photographer since over 25 years from a tiny little village close to Munich / Germany. Mainly, I’m doing portrait photography and a little bit of sports. My photography career goes back to the old days when we were using film. When I started out, I was fascinated by Ansel Adams […]


Day's End…

<br>Day’s End by Jennifer on Light Stalking Canon Rebel T3i ƒ/5.6 44.0 mm 1/125 iso 100


Novice Photographer Looking for Inspiration

Hi! I live in rural Illinois and I love to photograph landscapes, nature macros and interesting textures. And, of course, my grandchildren. I am an avid knitter/crocheter and delight in creating unique items for family and friends. I am a total novice when it comes to photography and bought my first serious camera (Canon EOS […]



I got hooked the first time I saw an image printed that I had taken at age 9 with my Kodak ‘Brownie.’ It was a birthday gift that ‘went to girl scout camp with me in 1950. First photo must have been a ‘camp scene.’ For the next 60+ years–all travels were obsessively recorded with […]