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How to Capture Perfect Headshots: 6 Useful Tips

Headshot, at first glance might seem like a fairly simple photograph to shoot, but when you get into it, you realize that it is a whole job description. There are many professional photographers that do only headshots. They specialize in it only because it takes great amount of time to master it. However, there are few general guidelines which you can follow in order to improve your headshot and portrait photography.


6 Practical Ways to Unlock the Real Power of Colors in Your Photography

To suggest that color is of utmost importance to photographers would be a grand understatement. Discussions dealing with the fundamentals of photography typically address exposure, composition, lighting, etc., but the topic of color sometimes fails to make an appearance. This is unfortunate because, unless you are one who shoots exclusively in black and white, color can be equally as important to the success of an image as composition and exposure.


8 Street Photographers That Rock Our World

Sure, we all know about the likes of Henri Cartier Bresson, one of the most influential street photographers of all time, and while his work certainly needs to be seen and studied by modern photographers, Cartier Bresson isn’t the only street photographer who has caught our eyes. Let’s take a moment and celebrate these eight street photographers who are making a name for themselves.

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How To Know When It Is Time To Upgrade Your Photography Gear

Almost every photographer wants to own a better camera, right? But then again, not every photographer really needs a better camera. So how does one know when is the right time to upgrade the gear? Your photography gear is not limited to the camera – other gear is as important as the camera itself. So, we’ll talk not only about the body of the camera, but also about the whole system, including lenses, flashes, tripods, etc.

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The Most Amazing Photography Links of the Week: Tutorials, Reviews, Collections and Much More

This week’s list of photography links from Toad Hollow Photography covers the entire spectrum. Featuring interesting tutorials, reviews, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs, this list covers a wide range of subjects all posted by some of the best artists working in the field today. We really hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and posts.

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London Bus @ Nottinghill Carnival


Sunrise with Grass in the foreground

<br>The grass during the morning sun by Keith Paschal on Light Stalking Folks; This image is unedited, just a photo from my camera that I was pretty happy with. I’m looking for any tips you may have on composition, light balance or anything else. I am a fairly new photographer and find this stuff fun […]


Sailing Boat

Just need to know if you think this is too light and needs more contrast and color. I’m not so bothered about the crop but if you have any better suggestions that would help. Thanx guys Bigger image on flickr Nikon D7100 18.0 mm f/3.5 ƒ/13.0 1/160 ISO100


Willersley Attrium

<br>Willerslel Attrium .jpg by Jack Bunn on Light Stalking


Inviting crtics for Common Lime butterfly

Please provide feedback on the following Common Lime butterfly photo <br>Common Lime Butterfly by Kapil Visht on Light Stalking – Kapil Visht



Exif: ISO:200 FStop:f/8.0 Shutter Speed:1/1250s Exif: ISO:200 FStop:f/8.0 Shutter Speed:1/1600s Exif: ISO:100 FStop:f/8.0 Shutter Speed:1/1600s Cant Decide which is better between he two colour pics . So I tried a b&w version as well..