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Lighthouse Photography: Inspiring Images of The Navigators, Guardians and Greeters

Lighthouses are a beacon for their role in history. Their many stories inspired painters, writers and photographers who want to share their beauty, mystique and history. They have served as navigational aids for centuries. Lighthouses marked treacherous coastlines, provided safe entries into harbors and sent warnings out to sea. Initial lighthouses were fires built on […]


These Photography Links Will Keep You Busy for a Long Time

This weeks collection of links was carefully curated by Toad Hollow Photography to share some of the best features in the world of photography found online this week.  This weeks edition features a terrific set of tutorials, special features, great photography and an interesting blog post to check out.  We really hope you enjoy these […]


5 Simple Tips for Photographing Tattooed Models

Photographing models who have tattoos is a bit different from photographing models with natural skin, since the pigment in the tattoo itself is different from skin, so a different setup and approach are required in order to accurately capture tattoos. The differences are usually identified in the small details, and in the way the light […]


How Does Your Camera’s Sensor Size Affect Your Photographs?

Camera sensors come in different form factors nowadays, ranging from medium format, to Micro Four Thirds, and even smaller in the point-and-shoot cameras, which includes those built into smart phones. But why does this matter? How does knowing about this affect your images? Sensor size directly affects the angle of view by a given multiplier. It […]


Let’s Think a Little Deeper Before Photographing the Homeless

Photography isn’t just about photographing happy moments. Every photographer will need to work on unfortunate events at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, those who do portraits know that emotion can be shown best on “sad portraits”. Take homeless people, for example, or people who live in poverty. Pictures with subjects like this are simply […]

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HELP! Raw and Memory

I am desperately in need of some assistance. I did a newborn shoot on yesterday and halfway through the shoot, I remembered reading that shooting in RAW format made for better picture quality and more editing capabilities so I switched over. When I put my card in the computer at home, it would let me […]


About me.

Hi every one, I have been into photography since I was about 15 (now 47) and the photograph that started my passion is one of my Grandfather on his fruit and veg stall on the Lambeth Walk from about 1914 I still have the negative and plan on getting a large canvas printed. Since then […]


In defence of the SNAPSHOT

Lets see your snapshots right here. _38.jpg by tom dinning on Light Stalking