7 Photoshop Tips for Better Portraits

Once you’ve captured some stellar portraits either in studio or on-location, you’re probably going to want to process them in order to bring out the true beauty. Many elements beyond the control of the photographer can interfere with a portrait or distract a viewer unnecessarily, which is why Photoshop is used to salvage and improve […]

Sydney Photo Walk Wrap Up

Saturday September 25th saw the first Light Stalking photo walk largely thanks to the efforts of Central Coast photographer, Jason Smith. It was a great afternoon of shooting in Newtown, Sydney that started out with an unexpected walk through the market that sprung up at our meeting place! All up, about 16 photographers took part. […]

7 Tips for Photographing Pets

Photographing your pet can be a fun experience for the both of you as there are so many unique ways to capture them. However, it takes a bit more than random snapshots to encapsulate the true nature of your pet and create a worthy portrait. With this in mind, here are some simple guidelines to […]