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The Art and Science of Bokeh: 3 Simple Ideas to Create Better Background Blur

Daisy Delight by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Both bokeh and blur are terms that are used interchangeably in photography. Bokeh comes from the way the lens pulls in the points of light that are not in focus. Bokeh or blur can be good or distracting depending on the preference of the photographer and how it’s used in the image. Bokeh may create a smooth, buttery background with almost a painterly effect. Or, it can be busy, with multiple shapes and colors. Experience and practice enhances the effective and intentional use of bokeh.

10 Creative Background Ideas for the Broke Macro Photographer

An example of wallpaper used as a background. Photo by Louise Docker

If you have an attic, a closet, or even a junk drawer, I guarantee you can create a unique background for your close-up photos! My favorite thing about macro photography is that you can work on the tiniest sets; and tiny sets don’t need too much of any one material to fill your frame. You could create a stunning scene in a shoebox if you tried. I’m sure you have a ton of odds and ends that would make excellent backgrounds in your macro photography, so get digging! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How to Photograph Interiors Like a Pro


Interior photography isn’t just about capturing snapshots inside a building. It is more than that and requires careful planning. Photographing interiors is all about presenting the interior as welcoming as possible, that means keeping it warm and spacious and choosing the right angle for the photographs. Here are some tips that will help you in interior photography.

How to Make The Best of Any Weather Condition When Photographing Outdoor


In photography, light is everything. Inside a studio, you can control every aspect of the lighting but when photographing outdoor under ambient light, a lot depends on the weather. Weather condition affects light, and therefore affects your photography. So, what can you do when the weather turns bad during your outdoor shoot? Wait for the perfect weather? You don’t have to wait for the perfect weather. Adapting to the weather condition, and using it to your advantage would be the smartest thing to do.

How to Paint With Light and Produce Creative Images: A Short Tutorial to Get You Started

light painting 4 9

It won’t be incorrect to say that essentially, every photograph is a light painting. Indeed, most of the time we are capturing the light that is available or we are adding light through strobes or other light sources. However, light can also be used as a brush and one could essentially paint a picture in the photograph with it. It is a bit more complicated process than our usual photography and it is almost completely done blind – you can see the result only when the shutter closes – but the results can be impressive.

A 3 Step Framework to Reverse Engineering a Photograph You Want to Emulate

reverse engg 3 9

You’re familiar with the concept of reverse engineering, aren’t you? You may be wondering what reverse engineering has to do with photography — I’m not suggesting that anyone take apart their camera and try to put it back together…am I? No. This is about reverse engineering a photo — looking at an image and using visual clues to figure out how to recreate the shot in your own way. While reverse engineering an image is hardly an exact science, there are three basic elements to pay close attention to when attempting to decipher the makings of a photograph.

Become A Better Photographer In Your Spare Time With These 5 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

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Most of us probably have full time jobs that don’t allow us to spend as much time learning about our beloved photography as we’d like. And, wouldn’t you much rather spend your money on a fast new lens instead of textbooks? I know I would! Fortunately, there are ways you can save your money and still take on an Ivy League photography course. Here’s a list of some of my favorite classes that I invite you to enjoy, too.

How to Capture Perfect Headshots: 6 Useful Tips


Headshot, at first glance might seem like a fairly simple photograph to shoot, but when you get into it, you realize that it is a whole job description. There are many professional photographers that do only headshots. They specialize in it only because it takes great amount of time to master it. However, there are few general guidelines which you can follow in order to improve your headshot and portrait photography.

23 More eBooks For Photographers That Are Completely Free

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The internet is a wealth of information. So much information, in fact, that it can be a real pain trying to sort the useful from the not-so-useful. A simple Google search for “free photography ebooks”, for example, churns up well over 14 million pages. Sound overwhelming? Fortunately, we’ve done all the dirty work for you and compiled a list of 23 awesome ebooks to help you get your education on.