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How to Photograph Beach Life for Great Shots


Spring break goes hand in hand with vacations at the beach. A break from winter? Head somewhere warm to the beach. Summer in the northern states? A fire and s’mores (a graham cracker, Hershey’s milk chocolate and fire-toasted marshmallow sandwich) on the beach. Almost any time of year, the beach offers a relaxing, recharging destination. […]

The “Best” Focal Length for Street Photography? There Is No Such Thing

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“What’s the best _________ for _________ ?” Can you fill in the blanks? Even if you stay well within the realm of photography you could rattle off an endless stream of possible answers. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all asked them: what’s the best lens, camera, focal length, aperture? For birds, flowers, fireworks, sports? I understand this sort of question gets asked so often, particularly by those who are in the early phase of their photographic evolution; it’s natural to look at all the impressive work around you and want to replicate what others have done. You figure if you can use the same gear or settings, you can achieve the same results. That’s a rather shortsighted way of looking at things but, again, I understand it because I’ve been there. To make matters worse, there are those who will happily dole out similarly shortsighted advice about “bests” simply because it’s what works for them, not because there is any objective, universal truth to it.