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Tips on techniques to shoot top photographs.

Photographing the Moon: 6 Useful Tips to Help You Capture a Unique Shot


We’ve all been fascinated by the moon, even trying to photograph it at least once. But it can often prove to be a pretty difficult task to accomplish. The moon almost always comes out either too small, too bright, or just blurry. Photographing the moon, as every other celestial object in the sky, requires previous knowledge about the specific object and the way the camera works. Not that you need to be a graduated astronomer, but some general knowledge is necessary.

7 Most Challenging Shooting Scenarios and How to Make the Best of Them

7 challenging situations 10 12

We photographers love a challenge. Whether it is contorting ourselves into strange positions to get a macro shot, or trying to soothe a screaming baby to get a shot for a proud new mum, we will nearly always find a way through. Today we are going to take a look at seven of the most challenging photographic scenarios and hopefully supply some times to help you keep calm and carry on shooting.

4 Essential Considerations to Make the Best of Wide Angle Photography

Fall Kaleidoscope by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Sweeping landscapes, beautiful architecture, powerful waterfalls, vanishing points and creative imagery are some of the beautiful views that you can capture using wide angle photography. The good news about wide angle photography? It allows you to capture a large area. The potential down side of wide angle photography? It captures everything in a large area. Wide angle lenses require an adjustment of perspective and honed image composition. This is particularly true if you’ve been working with normal-range and telephoto zoom lenses for a period of time.

9 Useful Tips for Better Indoor Basketball Photos

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Indoor sports are in full swing this time of year. And while indoor sports like basketball are fun to watch, they can be frustrating to photograph, mainly due to poor lighting conditions. If you’ve been wondering how to get better shots of your kids’ basketball games (many of the ideas here will also apply to other indoor sports such as volleyball or gymnastics), the tips that follow should help get you on your way.

Gifts For Photographers: The Ultimate 2014 Christmas List

Gifts for Photographers 2014

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Maybe you didn’t realize this- but if there is a photographer on your shopping list- you have no shortage of gift options! This list of gifts for photographers contains something for everyone.This year, we approached our gift giving guide by breaking it down into four categories: 1. Inexpensive stocking stuffers, 2. Mid-range Photo Geek Excitement, 3. Photographer hugs that might break your spine, and 4. For the photographer who has just about everything. Also, we wanted to keep things simple. We wanted everyone to be able to find the products listed. So, all our product suggestions came right from Amazon- including the pricing.

How to Make the Best of Low Light Using Slow Shutter Speed: 6 Stunning Effects

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Photographing in low light is often accomplished using a long shutter speed. To be able to use faster shutter speeds, you need lenses with wider apertures or shoot at a higher ISO. But what if you use a regular lens and shoot at a low ISO setting? Of course, you will have to use a slow shutter speed but it should not stop you from photographing for the fear of getting all blurry shots. In such low light situations, you can take advantage of the slower shutter speeds to capture some amazing images which you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to shoot under ‘normal’ lighting.

The 5 Elements You’ll Find in Great Photographs

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There really is no definitive list of elements that contribute to a great image; ask 10 experienced photographers and you’ll get nearly as many different opinions, which is great, because there’s no right or wrong when it comes to creativity. But if you listen to enough people with insight, you’ll begin to find some common themes about how to create great photos. Here are but five of those commonly recurring ideas.

How to Motivate Yourself to Carry Your Tripod Along More Often

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Cumbersome, heavy and unnecessary are words that often spring to mind when talking about tripods. All of these words are quite accurate and good excuses not to take a tripod with you. The fact is though, in many cases you can get much better image quality if your camera is tripod-mounted as opposed to handheld. Maybe the light has faded fast, you may have seen an amazing flower, perfect for a tripod locked macro or perhaps that scene in front of you is begging for a deep depth of field. These are all shots you may lose if you don’t have a tripod with you. Today, rather than espouse the benefits of tripods, we are going to look at ways of motivating yourself to take one more often.

Abstract Nature Photography: 3 Effective Tips to Create Captivating Images

Pelican's wings by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Abstract art separates reality of a subject through the use of imagery. Instead of an accurate, concrete image, abstract art instead conveys feeling, mood, color, movement and/or texture. While there is not a hard and fast definition of abstract nature photography, we can apply the principals found in abstract art to create captivating images. Exploring and using an abstract approach in nature photography positively impacts our creativity in 1) composition, 2) use of color, movement, lines and texture, and 3) post-processing. When delving into abstract, a key tip is to bring the focus to the elements of the subject versus the subject itself.

Extension Tubes: An Affordable Intro to Macro Photography

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Macro photography can be incredibly fun and rewarding. It can also be a challenge. That macro photography poses a challenge probably isn’t the sole factor that keeps most people away, however; it’s more likely to be the perceived high cost of admission along with not knowing if they are up to the challenge. Nobody wants to pour money into something they’re not good at. Of course there’s a more expensive side to macro photography, particularly when it comes to dedicated macro lenses, which are specially designed for high magnification and enhanced sharpness; but a macro lens isn’t the only path into close up photography. If you want to get your feet wet and not spend a lot of money, extension tubes might be the perfect solution for you.