Need To Scout For Locations? Read This!


Whenever you are preparing for a photoshoot, a key factor is being familiar the location and the conditions in which you will be photographing. Whether it is a model or a landscape, location scouting is an essential part of the photographic process. Except if you stumble upon a good scene and have the resources to utilize […]

3 Ways Photography Alters The Mind

3 Ways Photography Alters The Mind

Visual perception, or the ability that allows you to observe a certain situation, is shaped and molded by you and your experiences in your surroundings. The way you see things, observe, take note of details and so forth defines your visual perception and how detail oriented you are. Let us take a neurosurgeon for example: […]

Wifi in Photography? Get on board!


Let’s be honest, Wifi has been in our lives for some considerable amount of time now. It’s been around in it’s current form since 1997 and many of us had bought into the technology early in the new millennium to beam our internet connections to our laptops and other devices. For photography though, wifi has […]