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8 Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make and How to Avoid Them

We have all been beginners at some point in time. Some of you must have just got your first camera, and being a beginner in photography, probably making some mistakes along the way. The best thing you can do is to identify the mistakes, so you can learn how to fix them, and avoid them in the future. That is the key to becoming a great photographer. Here are some common mistakes beginner photographers usually make, with tips on how to avoid them.


Hands-On Review of Think Tank Photo’s Airport Roller Derby

I’ve been using a ThinkTank Shape Shifter backpack for a little while and, overall, was quite pleased with its performance, which is why I was especially pleased when ThinkTank was nice enough to send over an Airport Roller Derby for me to try out and put to test. As an avid traveler, I was curious to see how well the bag would hold up and keep my gear safe while I put it to the test–which, admittedly, is no easy task. Read on to see how it fared.

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15 Jaw-Dropping Photos of Birds of Prey in Flight

When you think of fearsome predators, which ones come first to mind? Wolves? Lions or bears? How about snakes or sharks? Some of you might even be in the midst of a bone-chilling flashback about a menacing spider you once encountered. But what about birds? There are some real rock stars among birds. Eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and other raptors characterized by peerless vision, powerful beak, and piercing talons are some of nature’s most efficient hunters. The photos below capture various birds of prey in flight, some in active pursuit of their next meal.

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How to Photograph Interiors Like a Pro

Interior photography isn’t just about capturing snapshots inside a building. It is more than that and requires careful planning. Photographing interiors is all about presenting the interior as welcoming as possible, that means keeping it warm and spacious and choosing the right angle for the photographs. Here are some tips that will help you in interior photography.

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What Makes a Photograph Interesting? 5 Ideas on How to Choose a Photographic Subject

I was once exploring photos from other photographers while browsing a photography forum when I came across a rather interesting post. There was a discussion on whether or not subjects have to be interesting before you photograph them. This made me curious allowing me to think of my own thought process when it comes to shooting different subjects. It also made me wonder – why do we shoot what we shoot? Here are some ideas on how to create an interesting image.

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An image of mine was selected for a juried show

I joined the Texas Photographic Society earlier this year. Not long after I entered their 27th Annual Members’ Only Show. I had very little expectation to be selected but I sent 5 images from this year in. Last Sunday the email came and when I opened it, much to my surprise, wasn’t a nice rejection [...]



Hello Everyone! My name is Florby Dorme and I am 20 years old. I’ve been doing photography for about a year- relatively new to me- and I can’t exactly pinpoint what got me interested. I spend insane amounts of times on the blogging site tumblr. The photos on their must have really grown on me. [...]


Current Thinking on Changes to Site

Guys, the site is getting pretty close to where I think it should be in terms of functionality. There are a few bugs to work out still, but that will be ongoing I imagine. A few things. I am going to have a “New” button next to the profile button at the top of the [...]


Rome, Forum Romanum

2 Picture Panorama. Fuji X-E1, 1/420s, f11, ISO 800. Time 06.55 AM. Click for larger view on Flickr: Lens correction in Lightroom. then color corrected in onOne Photo Studio and removed some of the disturbing fences, construction / excavation sites to try to give it a quiet early morning look and feel.


Ft Desoto | Cell & Stairs

The fantastic textures in these old forts really pop in monochrome and/or sepia. This is a shot of the back-exterior of the fort showing a prison cell and stairs up to the roof. The cell door was removed long ago, but the hinges are still there. EXIF: ISO 200, f/4 from about 18 ft., 1/400, [...]


Ft. Desoto | Civil War Armstrong

In keeping with the sepia theme (hope this forum is ok with monochrome vs. just b&w :)… We lucked up: Historic Fort. Check. Civil War Re-enactment. Check. Fog to automatically ‘age’ the scene. Check. EXIF: ISO 100, f/4 from about 10 ft., 1/640 @ 10:40AM, 24mm Zeiss (x1.5 crop). Initial mono-conversion + structure in Silver [...]


Critique my photo

Photo taken with Canon 5d mark II with 24-105mm zoom. <br>Stairs by Omar on Light Stalking