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The Struggle for Photography Perfection – Is it Worth it?

One of the foremost goals of a photographer of any skill level is to improve. That is admittedly an open-ended proclamation, as improvement can many so many different things to different people. Rather than focusing on any particular skill, however, I think it is worth considering for a moment a more generalized drive for perfection […]


What Photographers Need to Know Before Buying a Tripod Head

Chances are that when you first got into photography, you considered getting a tripod. There is also a reasonable chance that you assumed that the tripod and head came together, perhaps inseparably in one package. You may have even learnt the hard way, buying a cheap combined tripod and head only to find it could […]


Use These Tricks To Improve Your Manual Focusing Skills.

I love vintage lenses because of their great price-performance ratio and their excellent optical and build qualities. Using them as much as I do, I often have to focus manually. Even though I typically use live view for safety’s sake, I often don’t have the time, so I do it the old-school way. The first challenge that […]


Peculiar Notions: 22 Eye-Catching Examples of Abstract Photography

I’m not sure how many of you (hopefully none of you) actually lose sleep thinking about abstract photography and trying to determine exactly what it is — and what it isn’t. But abstract photography is indeed something that lots of people have mulled over rather extensively since the earliest days of photography; it is something […]

20120715-Leelanau Flowers-DSC_0419

2 Huge Benefits of Photographing in RAW

In the days of film, negatives were converted to photographs by 1) using chemical baths for dipping in the dark room or 2) sending to a photo processing lab. Due to the cost, expense and time spent processing in the darkroom, many photographers chose sending their negatives off to the labs. As technology evolved to […]

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Air show, the Italian Acrobatic Patrol

Air show.jpg by Antonio on Light Stalking


Need critique2

There is no special story about this photo. I was just going to take our journal from the post box when I saw these almost magic morning sun rays…running back, I took my camera&tripod and tried to capture this moment. Here is the result and I think it’s not very bad. I can say more […]


Do Work That You Love

EXIF is posted in Flickr. I am getting really interested in street photography and street portraiture. This is a busy image. Does my message get through? Do you think I should have increased the shutter speed or changed the aperture? I had a bit of opportunity by increasing the ISO. Post processing suggestions are welcomed.